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There seems to be information in here that I didn’t get from watching the pilot. Unless I missed it, can y’all include spoiler warnings… Talking about “Like the show and novels where Price cut his teeth, The Night Of doesn’t traffic in heroism. Stone and Naz are surrounded by people doing what they earnestly believe is right: the homicide detective who thinks Naz is guilty (why wouldn’t he?); the co-owners of Naz’s father’s cab, who kick their partner out of the business when his son gets their source of income confiscated. By the time we learn Naz’s prison mentor took another (!) murder charge so his family can visit him at Riker’s instead of traveling upstate, it sounds positively … sweet. Everyone’s helpless to do anything but what the law, their jobs, or the carceral system has positioned them to do. Stone is the only one with some measure of autonomy, and even then it comes at a steep social price.”

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