The eewy gooey cytoplasm

Cytoplasm is a thick-solution that fills each cell and is enclosed by the membrane. It is solely a mere medium in which organelles are suspended. The cytoplasm is incapable of doing anything else but being a medium. It has no metabolic functions, doesn’t help with the control and function of DNA, and does nothing but allow other organelles to travel through it. The cytoplasm is in no manner capable of directing the actions of the cell and is incompetent. When the cytoplasm undergoes cytokineses without replicating internal organelles, that cell may become susceptible to forming immature cancer cells. This can result in dangerous tumors.

The only organelle more incompetent that the cytoplasm is the extra-cellular matrix. Extra-cellular matrix is molecules secreted by cells that provides structural and biochemical support to the surrounding cells. They are solely a support organelle. Other than the nutrients they provide, they have no other important function. The matrix is unable to regulate any genetic material and cannot control the functions of the cell like the nucleus. The matrix is also prone to helping cancerous cell form. The signaling molecules sometimes help the progression of oncogenesis. Cancer cells crawl along the ECM proteins to invade foreign tissues. In this manner, the extracellular matrix not only has a limited function, but it’s function renders such maladies as cancer.

Both these organelles have vital functions within the cell, but are not even comparable with the nucleus. The nucleus is the brain of the cell that tell each organelle what function to have. It is the motherboard of the cell, storing all the genetic information needed to help replicate the cell. The nucleus is and shall remain the ultimate organelle. That is why it should keep it’s leadership status.

Messy Matrix