Guiding Values (Revision #15 — 7/26/17)

I feel like putting this out so here’s my most recent revision of principles or guiding values. Some are things I always do, but most are reminders to myself of things I need to work on or lessons I’ve learned that need to be remembered. Putting this out will keep me more accountable and also hit value #8 (…at the same damn time). The actual doc is in google docs and the font there is “Ubuntu”. This was started last summer in 2016 and I’ve revised a number of times and at some point may put out another post or posts explaining them, but for now here you go — bonus points if you get some of the references:

  1. Consistency: Last Rep, Best Rep = Every Rep (Treat all people with consistent respect.)
  2. Have Fun: It’s an adventure (Lives Remaining = Zero).
  3. Commit Full Speed: Take risks with 100% effort and intent.
  4. Next Play: Forget the previous results, good and bad. Focus on what’s important now (WIN).
  5. The Way of the Carpenter: Master your strengths (80%) and mercilessly attack your weaknesses (20%). As a general rule: Accentuate the positive.
  6. The Obstacle IS the Way: Move towards pain, fear, and challenge. That’s called growth.
  7. Remember to enjoy the sights, but never forget the oil in the spoon: Tunnel vision is counter-productive — anchor yourself to where and who you are and thrive there. Do this and the next steps take care of themselves.
  8. Remember Who You Do It For: Lead by example and inspire others by way of your own journey. (Document, don’t create: 21st century communication creates scale.)
  9. Do Good Work, Don’t Work to Look Good: Focus on the focus.
  10. Keep perspective: When on top of the world, remember the stars. When struck down to the ground, remember the earthworm.
  11. When worse comes to worst, my peoples come first: Cultivate friendship as a fine art; like a bamboo shoot, constant care is required. Give without expectation (100/0).
  12. Communication is oxygen in interpersonal relationships and interactions: Necessary, varies in quality, and authentic is best. (GRATITUDE is only FELT when EXPRESSED!)
  13. Interval Living: Work:Rest — Patience:Pressure — Faith:Frustration
  14. To do, not to be: It’s not about you, it’s about what you do.
  15. Identify your most cherished beliefs, then surround yourself with people who will challenge them.