Oceans And Their True Impact On Us

Anyone can relate if you have been in. The sand and the water making its way in and out between your toes. The sound of waves either crashing just beyond the shore or the water running up the beach; it’s captured the minds and hearts of millions of people who come into contact and never want to leave.

Not only does the sounds of soothing waves make you want to come back for more and more, but also stepping into this other element that is always moving and changing is so pure to so many who take the dive into the water. Not only does getting in the water change you, but it makes you want to experience it with those who you love.

Not just outside of the water but in the water as well gets you to really appreciate what we have. Being a surfer, body-surfer, body-boarder, and swimmer, I live to get into the ocean at least once every two days. Treating it as a cleanse from the various worries or tension from the day or days prior, helps keep the mind and body in a good, mellow mood. And ladies, we can’t forget about that exfoliation from the sand on the skin. All in all, the ocean is fucking awesome.

It’s also super mysterious if no one ever told you. What I mean by that is the fact that we humans have only discovered 5% of the ocean’s species. LIKE WHAT? That means that 95% of the species out there in the water are waiting for discovery… Do they want to be discovered? Probably not. Why I say that is because look at what we have done to our oceans. Plastic waste, fishing lines, oil, anything you can think of has been dumped into the ocean and is harming the species we have come into contact with on a daily basis. With great efforts of changing this already in place, not sure if the best idea is try to disrupt the other 95% of the ocean’s species. We need to figure out our ocean cleanup situation before we get to trying to discover what else is out there.

Whenever we go out into the ocean, we are entering their domain. We are entering their environment. So when I hear about shark attacks or bad situations that have happened in the ocean, I’m just like “Well you signed your waiver of release of possible injury the second you put a boat on the water or stepped foot into the waves coming up the shore. The shark or whatever species that attacked is doing so out of either curiousity or fear.

The point of what I’m trying to get at is that the ocean creates happiness and a sense of calming for everyone who comes into contact with it. Whether you’re a surfer, a tourist, a local, whatever you are, the ocean creates this happy medium for us to endure on a daily basis. We need to reevaluate, as humans, our overall footprint on what we are really doing to this great ever-changing environment. The goal is to get you to really think about this and in turn, make an effort to enjoy the ocean and help take care of it.