My Thoughts On The Future Of (almost) Everything

Here are my ideas about how I think the future will pan out and how that might affect us.

Photo by Ellie Pritts on Unsplash

Travelodge should have invented Airbnb but they didn’t. Taxi companies should have invented Uber. It seems like when companies reach the top of their game, they get far too relaxed. It seems different with Google, Apple and Amazon though because they’re very willing to invest and purchase other companies and new technologies, like Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods. But I predict these tech giants will also crumble, it might just take 200 years instead of 90.

AI is going to revolutionise the world. We’re already working with super simple stuff for chatbots at work and it’s only going to get easier to use with more complex results. You’ll no longer need call centres of lawyers or anything where you might have to call to get simple advice. An AI will answer the phone for you, collect all the data from you it needs to solve your query and direct you to the right information.

Self-driving cars will destroy the trucking industry. There are towns in the US that only exist because they’re places where truck drivers rest. These towns will vanish like old mining towns.

I’m not convinced that real estate will change much. People like to meet other people face-to-face and so will still want to be in the right location for meetings, work and networking. We’re human, it’s what we do. Facetime is great but still doesn’t give you that personal feeling of actually being with someone. Give it 20 years for VR to get a bit better and we’ll get round that. Just look at Facebook’s latest social VR demo for an example.

Water. From what I’ve seen there’s going to be a crisis and a massive water shortage because of all the massively increased population size and the increased livestock we’ll need because we’re all still eating far more meat than we need to. (This could be solved with lab-grown meat. Read further for more)

I see quick, cheap and in-depth health diagnosis being available for everyone. Cheap devices, maybe built into our phones, will be able to diagnose any health problems we might have, analyse our mood and stress levels. We already wear Fitbits that track our heart rates and sleep patterns. It might be too much information. You might not want to know that you’re likely to die at age 50 from a heat attack, but with that increased information, there’s more time to do something about it.

3D printing is the big one for me. You’ll only have to get hold of blueprints and materials to be able to create things. Toy companies will have to go into the blueprint business and toy shops will vanish. I think we’ll finally be going back to a “make and mend” age where physical items will only cost as much as their materials. The world will really change when hospitals can 3D print any organ or body part you might need.

Jobs: people are always saying technology will lessen the number of jobs and that we’ll all be walking around with infinite leisure time, but I don’t see that happening. We’ll just have different job opportunities than we do now. We’ll need people to design the AI robots and make sure they don’t destroy us all.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Lab-grown meat could save the human race. It sounds a bit crazy but if we can produce enough of it, we wouldn’t need all the land for raising animals anymore, we wouldn’t need to slaughter all those creatures, we’d have less pollution, we’d have more water and that would lead to fewer wars between humans.

Cryptocurrency needs to become more simple to use and understand before the mainstream start using it. Having it tied to something real like the dollar used to be will be a big shift in economics. You’ll basically be taking the power and money away from governments and banks.

I see us “evolving” into part human, part robot creatures. If you could have better legs that can run for 20 miles at 50 miles an hour, why wouldn’t you? Or new eyes that can see much clearer? These will probably become normal surgeries for the rich like plastic surgery is now.

On the topic of education, I see universities failing. They’re only running on brand now and they’re diluting it themselves by offering online courses. Why would you go to a university when you could learn everything you want from your computer?

What do you think the future will be like? What do you think of my predictions?