Fr Luke Melackrinos is a Reputed Priest Who Talks About “The Nativity Fast” Before Christmas

Fr Luke Melackrinos is a well-known priest at the Cathedral of St. Paul, Hempstead, NY. He gives special emphasis on the “The Nativity Fast” to the people before celebrating Christmas Eve. He says that it may seem strange at first for you to try to fast before Christmas, especially when you are invited to the holiday parties on a regular basis. As per the teachings of the Orthodox Church, we should fast in preparation for Christ’s Nativity according to the flesh. He also explains that nowadays judging by the rapid increase in blogs and videos, people are getting obsessed with food.

Father Luke Melackrinos thinks that instead of wasting your time reading various ingredient labels, one should utilize his/her time in reading the religious scriptures and sacred writings of the Church Fathers. He believes that fasting is one of the easiest ways to stop un-necessary thoughts from recurring and to control the wandering mind. His full devotion towards God has given him strength and courage to show the right path of humanity.

In addition to this, he initiated and re-initiated several Christ Centered Ministries at the Cathedral of St. Paul. Some of these ministries at the Cathedral of St. Paul include -

- St. Paul’s Nursery School
- The Little Angels Program
- Vacation Church School

The best thing that sets Father Luke Melackrinos apart is that he does not differentiate between people regardless of their nationality and faith. He has made his mission to spread love and forgive in the name of God. His passion to serve humanity always strengthens him to help those who are affected by the calamity of war or due to serious life threatening diseases.

Father Luke is a true humanitarian who is actively involved with the Mary Brennan Inn, which is a soup kitchen that serves the local Hempstead community. He is a very kindhearted person, and volunteers for many charitable ventures in an attempt to provide help by any means possible. He also organizes a weekly food run, whose purpose is to feed over 100 needy people in Hempstead every Saturday.