Will Houghton, of Ashburnham — Useful Pointers For Adventure Education

Will Houghton, who lives in Ashburnham, has been involved in adventure education for a number of years. If you are preparing for a wilderness trip and have not been on one before, it is important that you understand the potential risks that could be involved so that you are as ready as possible for the trip. These pointers should all prove useful to those who want to make the most out of their adventure educations.

Buy Good Gear
You need to purchase reliable gear if you are going to make the most out of your adventures. Good pairs of boots, reliable clothing and a strong set of supplies will all prove useful when you take on the great outdoors. Speak to the educators who will be helping you during your trip to find out what you need and invest money into quality, rather than trying to buy cheap at every turn.

Listen to the Advice of the Experienced
If you plan on doing this without a guide, get the best information about the area you are traveling and the dangers of the endeavor. Read, query, and talk to those in the know, and practice the skills you’ll need well in advance of the trip. The last place you’ll want to learn ascending skills is when you are stuck in the depths of a crevasse.

Do Your Research
If you are going with a guided trip, know what to expect from your guides. Many mountaineering trips offer limited time for photography, as the goal will be to get your safely to the summit and back down again. Talk to them about the specifics so you’ll know just what is expected of you, and best ascertain if your skills are appropriate for the difficulty and pace of the trip.

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