Playing Orchestra in Teamwork

Youth Generation Mini Orchestra

Nothing new with team work, but there will be always new experience with team work.

If we are working for a company, we always ask to be able working on a team. It aim to finish the project before exceed the deadline. But, some company also ask if we can be a single fighter. But, as we are a single fighter, we still work on a team.

Which team?

As we receive a job from our boss, it means we are working with our boss. Boss and I are a team work. When we are a freelancer and we don’t have anyone to work with, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a team. Our client and I are a team work. We don’t work for something as we want. We work for something that our client want.

“I can’t work on team”

Really? I don’t think so. The thinks that someone need to work with a team is listening and understanding. Just listening what others say and try to understand what they want. After that, you can take an action.

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply. ~anonymous~

Some people think that they cannot work on team because they don’t have any idea to response to what others say. That’s a wrong thought. What they need actually is just listening and understanding, not listening and replying. Reply is needed when needed.

The second understanding is awareness that we don’t work for ourselves. If we work for ourselves, no one will hire you. A company do hiring because the company want people to work for them (and grow together in other reason).

“I can’t collaborate with others”

Yes, you cannot. You cannot do it with yourselves. For this reason, there is supervisor, manager, and director. They will help us to collaborate with other team members. As team member, we just need do our part. What is our part? Our job, and open ourselves. We need to open ourselves so people can communicate with us, and vice versa.

“Other team members are smarter than me, so better I work with myself”

Do you know why they are smarter than you? Because you are not exposed like them. Don’t go far away from them. Keep working with them, so your skill will increase and you will be expose. But, if you are still not exposed, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any influence. You can think like this:

I can make any influence in this project even it is very small.

So, that’s what we call an orchestra.

  1. Listen and understand what others want and why they are playing like that.
  2. Know when our action time is coming.
  3. Know your leader, and trust him/her.
  4. No matter how small is your part, you will make a change. The environment will be different without you.

Yes, you can.