I Believe, I Know, I Doubt


I believe the school system is set up poorly. I believe that because I see most of the information we are educated on as useless(even the teachers say it is). The teachers’ main argument is that learning this exemplifies the struggle of other obstacles later on you will have to endure. However, rather than teach us hard, useless things, why not teach us something that applies to out desired occupation but in addition brings a challenge to our education?


I know that I don’t like school. Not the people, I can stand the people and enjoy being around some of them. I don’t like the concept of school. I view school as a waste of my time because it’s not helping me at all to succeed in what I want to do. Rather, it is taking away from time I could use for bettering myself and more than likely achieving success.

I Doubt

I doubt you’ll understand where I’m coming from with this despite the fact that your subject area is designed to look at two points and find the argument for both sides. I’m sure up until you read this, you had every intention of trying to comment on this and make an effort to try and convince me otherwise. That school is not a waste of my own personal time. I’m telling you though, it is. School is limited to the previous people who went through the system’s personal experiences, therefore they fail to acknowledge the outliers within the community. Yes, many careers require a basis of education you need to achieve as colleges have certain requirements you must meet in order to be accepted. The part that most people come to believe is 100% true is that college is absolutely the only way you can achieve success in life and that’s mostly because people measure success as the amount of money you have rather than the amount of joy in your life. I am a dreamer, it might be ignorant of me for setting my goals high but that’s the way I choose to live my life and nothing can be done to convince me to change. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t respectfully listen to your argument but it does mean that I’m not changing because I am perfectly content with my goals, my life and myself overall.