Everybody today er starring at a screen and have headphones on. Nobody talks to each other.
Martin Herløv Andersen

Martin, I think the issues here are that 1) headphones are different from looking at a smartphone, and 2)women get this kind of behavior all the time, when men tend not to.

I see your point about people not interacting as much as they used to —but to me looking at a screen is very different from listening to headphones. If I’m listening to a podcast or music I like I wouldn’t want to be interrupted by someone hitting on me. (I’m also a man, so I don’t get this problem — if it happened to me on a regular basis, like it does to this author and many women, I’d be very peeved).

By all means feel free to start up a friendly conversation if someone is looking at a screen on a bus …but maybe first ask yourself “if I were this person, would I want this conversation to happen to me?”

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