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Loved the shout-out to deus ex.

In my personal life, I’ve moved away from minimalism. I had an A+ minimalism game for the past five years — but I realized one day in my sparse, monochrome bedroom that minimalism lacks all mystery, emotion, and sexuality.

Instead, I’ve actually been opting to decorate my space with useless but interesting family heirlooms to remind myself that I am a human being with a rooted past.

When initially adopted the philosophy in the late 2000s, minimalism was ‘cool.’ In the midst of recession, it represented a shift away from conspicuous consumption and toward zen imperviousness to the tumult of capitalism. Now, it represents the exact opposite — it is the aesthetic of corporate products and offices, whose livelihood depends on your submission to a $159 pair of headphones.

And to all the salty commenters — this article was tongue in cheek. I doubt he is actually angry, just like I’m not actually angry, but it’s fun to use exaggerated emotion to describe an experience of living — something, unironically, that a minimalist aesthetic shuns.

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