“You’ve never heard the phrase: “Divided We Stand”
― Manuel Corazzari

Well, for our new feature at Tink, I’d use that quote he’s quoting. As in, we’re building team settings, so multiple accounts can access one organization, compared to solution today where all users have to login with the same account. So, we’re dividing an account to multiple users to make it more efficient and secure for the organization as a whole. Example: previously, three users shared one account to access one organization. With the update, three users create one account each to access the organization. …

Don’t tell anyone—but I love graphs. Such a weird thing to hold dear, I know. When I wrote my Bachelor Thesis, I spent more time designing the graphs than writing the text (my professor calmly nods from his chamber). I wanted to make them perfect. My thesis was built on a quantitative research, where I had gathered a lot of data and made an attempt to illuminate it with graphs. I thought they looked really cool. Such nice curves. Amazing distance between the horizontal dividers. And those X and Y legends? Perfectly balanced.

A month ago, I started a new…

Tink provides banks, financial service providers and developers across Europe with a platform that opens up new possibilities for a better customer experience — combining aggregation (AIS) and payment initiation (PIS) with data enrichment and personal finance management (PFM) products.

There’s a new dawn at Tink. We’ve launched two new major products. To attract developers and fintech companies to the platform, we’ve launched two new products: the Developer portal and the Console.

In the next chapter, I will make a brief overview of what those two products are and what they do. I’ll show the final overview of the product…

A case study of the complexity of building a new front-end design system that was built on top of an existing app design system.

I work at Tink, an online service that provides the best way to connect to banks across Europe and quickly build smart financial services. We provide our API to huge banks such as ABN Amro, Klarna, SEB, SBAB and more.

Tink is also connecting with new disrupting fintech companies such as Zmarta and Bofink (first mortgage robo-advisor) that uses Tink’s API platform. We’re releasing major updates to our PFM (Personal Finance Management) app, such as Dark Mode which I wrote about on Medium recently. It’s a hectic schedule with a lot of new interesting happenings week in — week out…

Designing a dashboard comes with a couple of problematic situations. You’ll probably need to design a table (which can be complicated, especially responsive), you’ll probably have a lot of content on some pages. All this needs to be solved. I’ve put some learnings from designing dashboards into this article.

I read Adam and Steve’s great article with some practical tips (https://bit.ly/2ERaVZo) and thought I’d drop some on my own.

1. Use border, shadow and fill to increase hierarchy

During autumn 2018, I decided to interview some friends from my work. I wanted to hear more about their daily work life and see what their thoughts were regarding the job — the same job I have. I found it interesting since we all had the same mission ahead, but different roles and tasks, to see how they interpret their typical workday and the thoughts they have.

I asked people from different departments of the company to get a broader view, because we all work with different tasks. Everyone I asked wanted to be part of the interview which was delightful.

Jonatan Klintberg

First up, Jonatan, the Tech lead for iOS, managing the development of our Personal Financial Management app, Tink.

The app went through a complete rewrite during 2018. It was previously written in another language that was difficult to scale and expand, hence a rewrite was necessary.

What was the most difficult task with rewriting the codebase to Swift?

  • At the same time as we decided to rewrite the entire iPhone app to Swift, we also rebranded the Company and we wanted to redesign the app to a more modern interface. We had a very tight deadline…

Running and creating a newsletter and delivering something to the readers week in, week out takes some time and effort. And gives some insights.

What is the newsletter about

I’ve been writing a newsletter about hip hop for almost two years. I’ve done it all alone. Around New Years 2019 I decided to evaluate my progress of this newsletter and where to go with it. Because it takes a lot of time and effort.

The newsletter is called “Franklins Weekly”. The purpose of the newsletter is to locate and select the best of hip hop and write about them. There’s a lot of hip hop being published every day. Franklins will attempt to collect the tracks of highest quality as often as possible.

The thought behind creating it was…

We’re working on a lot of new features at Tink. With the latest rollout of Tink (4.5.0) we introduced Black and Dark modes. We want to bring Financial Happiness to as many people as possible, and what is more ‘Financial Happiness’ than being able to sort your finances in a stylish way on the night bus one late night?

What is it?

Dark and Black mode are two new ‘themes’ in our app. You can now change from White mode to these two new experiences. …

It feels like forever I booted up Photoshop. Actually, I haven’t even had a license privately or professionally for a year. So I thought about the softwares I run today and what’s good or bad.

The tools for work

We’re two designers pushing pixels at my company, Plentific. We do product design: a dashboard, a front such as landing pages and marketing pages. We also design for our mobile applications. Being a team of two, the softwares needs to be able to tango: be fairly smooth at sharing files, components, elements, scribbles, designs or assets.

The tools for hobbies

More than my work, I do front-end programming during…

It was a Friday in March, 2015. I had all my belongings in two blue, large IKEA bags and was ready to move. I was tired because I just graduated from Hyper Island as an Interactive Art Director three hours earlier. The plane to London left in 14 hours. I had no place to stay there but I was certain it would work out somehow (it did, in the end). I was starting my first job coming Monday. I had received an opportunity to start as a user interface and user experience designer at a small tech startup in London…

William Bengtsson

Product Designer at Tink in Stockholm. Previously Lead designer for proptech startup, Plentific. Hyper Island: Interactive Art director alumni. Football addict.

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