Fast & furious guide to programming the Nano32 (Part 4)

In this part, we will look at obtaining some system information using just a few lines of codes.

  1. Open main.c file for example 2030_SystemInfo.

2. Examine the following program:

For now, the program only do two things: find out and display the SDK version and the free (memory) heap size (measured in bytes)

3. Compile and flash the program to the Nano32 board.

After flashing it to the Nano32, use the command-line Terminal to run minicom. Remember to press EN to run the program.

Considering that the ESP32 SoC that the Nano32 uses contains 512kB of SRAM, only about a balance of 254kB is available for allocation and use.

In the next part, we will explore how to program the GPIO to make the customary blinking LED.

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