A Journey Through Phase 2 of Ethereum 2.0

Will Villanueva
May 15 · 19 min read

Moving 1.0 ether into the 2.0 chain

Beacon Chain Contracts

Buying into a framework

# Your account in the beacon chain holding the eth
"validator_index": uint64,
"data": {
shard: 5,
address: address
"pubkey": BLSPubkey,
"signature": BLSSignature

Shard Chain Contract and State Execution

# What we think of as the actual "state"
"objects": [[StateObject, 2**256], 2**64],
# Receipts
"receipts": [Receipt],
"next_receipt_index": uint64,
# Current slot
"slot": uint64,
# Version number for future compatibility
"version": uint64,
# Contents
"storage": bytes,
# StateObject can be removed if it expires (ie. now > ttl)
"ttl": uint64

Moving Ether into the Shard Chain

def depositToShard(state: BeaconState,
receipt: WithdrawalReceipt,
proof: WithdrawalReceiptRootProof):
# Verify Merkle proof of the withdrawal receipt
assert verify_withdrawal_receipt_root_proof(
# Interpret receipt data as an object in our own format
receipt_data = deserialize(receipt.withdrawal.data, FormattedReceiptData)
# Check that this function is being executed on the right shard
assert receipt_data.shard_id == getShard()
# Check that the account does not exist yet
assert getStorageValue(hash(receipt_data.pubkey)) == b''
# Set its storage
setStorage(hash(receipt_data.pubkey), serialize(EthAccount(
EthAccount {
pubkey: BLSPubkey,
nonce: 0,
value: 32eth

Transferring funds

def transfer(sender: bytes32,
nonce: uint64,
target: bytes32,
amount: uint64,
signature: BLSSignature):
sender_account = deserialize(getStorageValue(sender), EthAccount)
target_account = deserialize(getStorageValue(target), EthAccount)
assert nonce == sender_account.nonce
assert sender_account.value >= amount
assert bls_verify(
message_hash=hash(nonce, target, amount),
setStorage(sender, EthAccount(
nonce=sender_account.nonce + 1,
value=sender_account.value - amount
setStorage(target, EthAccount(
value=target_account.value + amount

Recap on current journey so far

Fee Markets

'to': address,
'from': address,
'amount': uint64,
'gas_price': uint64,
'signature': bytes
'transactions': [Transaction],
'signature': bytes,
'fee': uint64
def process_block(block: BlockProposal):
assert verify_signature(block, block.signature)
for transaction in transactions:
def proccess_transfer(tx):
assert verify_signature(tx, tx.signature)

to = get_storage(tx.to)
to.balance += tx.amount
gas_fee = TRANSFER_GAS * tx.gas_price
from = get_storage(tx.from)
from.balance -= (tx.amount + gas_fee)

relayer = get_storage(get_relayer())
relayer.balance += gas_fee

set_storage(tx.to, to)
set_storage(tx.from, from)
set_storage(get_relayer(), relayer)

Shard Chains Don’t Need State

nonce: 3,
value: 1232,
pub_key: BLSPubkey
nonce: 12,
value: 22,
pub_key: BLSPubkey

Cross Shard Transactions

Expanding to Full State Execution

EthAccount {
pubkey: BLSPubkey,
nonce: 0,
value: uint64,
code: bytes
executeCode(code: bytes, data: bytes) -> bytes

Double Spending Protection via Bitfields

# Unique nonce
"receipt_index": uint64,
# Execution Script (beacon chain contract index) that the receipt is created by
"executor": uint64,
# Address that it is intended for
"target": bytes32,
# Data
"data": bytes
check_and_set_bitfield_bit(bitfield_id: uint64, bit: uint64):


Thanks to Matt Garnett and John Adler

Will Villanueva

Written by

@wjvill Currently: R&D on Phase 2 for Ethereum 2.0 Past: CTO, Cofounder & original #buidler at @ethBounties hello@willvillanueva.com @consensys

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