Why you shouldn’t buy clothes from Forever 21

Forever 21 is a popular clothing store for women in their teens and 20s, but Forever 21’s factories have an unusual number of labor complaints. American workers complained of sweatshop conditions. Also Forever 21 has had over 50 copyright lawsuits for stealing the work of designers. According to newyorker.com in 2001 the Asian Pacific American Legal Center sued Forever 21 on behalf of nineteen apparel workers in Los Angeles, where the retailer is headquartered. The suit alleged that the workers, employed by contractors for Forever 21, sewed, ironed, or packed clothing six days a week, up to twelve hours a day, earning much less than the minimum wage. Workers also described factories infested with rats and cockroaches. The International Labor Rights Forum called out Forever 21 for not joining retailers like Gap Inc., Levi Strauss, American Eagle Outfitters, and other companies in making a commitment not to buy cotton from Uzbekistan factories, were alleged forced child labor takes place. The reason I wouldn’t buy clothes from Forever 21 is because I don’t want to support the way they treat their workers.

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