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This was a great miniseries and deserves all the awards it will be nominated for. The climax definitely paid off. I was legitimately scared when Perry handed Celeste her phone saying there was a message from her property manager. As a lot of people are saying, this series was a slow burn that culminated into a very satisfying ending.

Also, I have to hand it to HBO. They have put all their chips on the table by creating quality female-led content (BLL, Veep, Girls, even GoT) and it’s paying off. It’s telling to see people by the millions respond well to these shows. HBO has always been willing to green light the controversial and liberal-leaning viewpoints, but it’s especially refreshing these types of shows are successful in an age where there is a self-declared “pussy grabber” in the White House. Instead of an Elvis party, it should have been a Donny T party… with the same result.

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