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William Osmon
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The Benefits of a Modern Website for your Business.

In the past, a website was a simple portal through which information about a topic could be accessed via the internet. They were simple pages with text and pictures, but as technology evolves, so must the website. Over time, domains began to support additional pages, and the amount of information that could be quickly accessed increased. Innovation has led to some truly remarkable websites whose design tropes have become standard features that are almost necessary for a website to be considered viable and relevant in 2019. Search functions, blog sections, support, and contact pages, are just a few of the features that are most commonly requested by businesses when contracting web design services.

To fully understand the value of a modern website we first have to answer a few questions:

  1. Why is a website necessary for a business?
  2. Why is design an important component to consider?
  3. What features should my modern website include?
  4. Why it is necessary for my business to have a modern website?
  5. How can a modern website help my business grow?
  6. How can I get the best value for my money?
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Sometimes the answers aren’t clear

1 — Why a website is necessary

A website is an invaluable tool that is often overlooked. Websites attract new clients to your business, and help to develop trust with new customers through a strong first impression. A website lets prospective clients find out about your company, what your business stands for, and if working with you is the best choice for them. Web traffic can be thought of as foot traffic. A website allows customers to browse your inventory and services so that they make an informed decision, and will be more likely to be repeat customers. The quality of a business’ website also showcases the value a business places upon itself and its willingness to reinvest. Companies that reinvest in their own infrastructure put themselves in a better position for future success and growth. This can be examined using a trickle-down analogy. The more that gets invested into high-level things such as a website, permits for future innovation in other areas of a business like operations or sales. Websites can also be thought of as an interactive business card, they both supply basic information about your company such as industry and contact information, but websites are much more than a glorified business card. They are, in part, an outbound marketing portal through which all questions about your products and services can be answered. And that is a necessity.

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The value of good design is often overlooked

2 — Design can make or break a website

Generating a strong first impression is important and can be achieved, in part, through good web design. But lasting impressions are generated by exceptional web design. The design of your website separates your business from the competition. In a crowded market, being recognizably different is an asset that cannot be understated. Customers are drawn to what is unique, and by providing a visual representation of what makes your business different, new clients can be swayed by that stellar first impression. User experience is a very important aspect of a successful online arm of any business. A streamlined operational experience that maximizes the visual potential of your brand is an invaluable investment. Professional quality visuals are just one aspect of successful design. The most interesting and unique websites incorporate their function and form into a seamless digital experience that clients never forget.

3 — The features of a modern website

Modern websites have several features in common. Although not standardized, there are several key features that customers have come to expect to find on a website in 2019. The first of which is a search function. Search functions have been around for many years, but they are very important for the vitality of your website. By implementing a search tool, your business’ website can be made much more functional. Modern websites, for the most part, consist of multiple pages which cover multiple aspects of your business. By being able to search content, users can quickly determine whether or not your business is right for them. This is a key component of user experience. Modern websites are compatible with social media applications. By including your business’ social media on your website, you can generate more traffic through multiple channels. Including social media on your website and being active on the platform also benefits your business’ search engine results. As mentioned above, modern websites often consist of multiple pages of content. Multiple pages allow keywords and phrases to appear more often. The more industry relevant keywords your website has, the more likely it is to appear on the first page of search returns. Seamless cross-platform functionality is a must-have feature when it comes to websites in 2019. Desktop browsers represent a fraction of the devices that can and will be used to visit your website. Optimizing your business’ website for iOS and Android devices is in the best interests of your company. Poorly optimized mobile websites impact first impressions of new customers and the lasting impressions of repeat business.

4 — Why is a modern website necessary?

At this point, it should be clear why a modern website is necessary for a business in 2019. Customers expect a certain level of care to be adopted by businesses concerning their outward image. Websites can act as a brand ambassador telling your customers exactly what you want them to hear about your business. A modern website is easily updated and fully customizable so your business and its online presence can stay relevant for as long as possible. A website is sort of like a digital ecosystem. With content updates and activity on social media channels, your business can retain first page search engine results much more easily than a website that is not optimized, a difficult prospect with an out of date website. By modernizing your website, you project the image of being a modern business. Building trust with new customers is much easier to do when a business’ online image is in line with what they expect. The old adage “you have to spend money to make money” could not be more true when considering whether or not to update your company’s online image.

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Its time to grow

5 — How can a website help my business grow?

Growth is the goal of every business, and a well designed website is a fantastic way to achieve this. New customers will search for businesses online first before they consider picking up the phone or sending an email. The more new customers your business has, the more it can grow. Websites have the added bonus of allowing your business to be seen well outside of its regular service area. Customers will travel to your business if need be over a similar business in their own area if they perceive it to be better, and a well designed website will influence their perceptions in your business’ favour. Potential customers may already be aware of your business, but may not have heard anything about it. When these customers visit a website they perceive to be out of date or poorly designed they lose faith in your business’ abilities. Not only does a modern website assist in the growth of your business by attracting new customers, it will also instil a sense of confidence in its potential market.

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Are you sure you are getting everything you can for your dollar?

6 — How to get the best value for your money

This is a very important question. Many business owners underestimate the cost of the perfect website. There is a stipulation outside of the tech industry that things like websites and applications are not and should not be expensive. Unfortunately, business owners who believe this often hire a sub-par web designer and ultimately go home either very disappointed or even empty-handed. Just as new customers need to develop a sense of trust in your business, business owners ought to trust the pros and make the right choice the first time. Hire a development studio, although the initial cost may be higher than is expected, you are paying for years of experience and expertise. Websites and digital systems are built using expensive tools by highly trained and educated individuals. This is comparable to hiring someone on the internet to build your house. Although they may offer to do it for less money, can you be sure that it will be built to any standard? Hiring a development studio is like hiring an experienced construction firm. You truly get what you pay for. The very best value for your money comes in the form of trusted and talented designers and programmers. Studios understand how to craft that special something that will make your business’ website truly unique. Studios allow you to include special one-off features if necessary, and they will only implement the features you need and choose without the hassle of messy communication. Another way to maximize the value of your website is by taking advantage of it. Many businesses commission websites but do not reinvest any of their time in it. Websites are like a garden, they should be tended to. Good gardens can stop traffic and passers by who admire the gardener’s time and dedication. Modern websites built by studios often include owner portals for making edits and adding new content, so business owners can have total control of their content. Without this portal, edits are generally made through the website’s creator, and that can be costly in terms of both time and money. But by far the most important way you can be sure to get the most for your dollar is to reinvest in your website. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is commissioning a website and not reinvesting in it. Websites quickly show their age in terms of function and design. To stay relevant and maintain an online presence, businesses ought to revisit their website every three to five years.

There are many benefits to commissioning a modern website for your business. Well designed websites can help to build trust with new clients and help to maintain a relevant online presence. In a marketing sense, a website can act as a sort of brand ambassador, contributing a lasting first impression. Websites serve many functions and influence how customers perceive a business, for better worse depending on the quality, features, and design of a website. A well designed modern website can be costly, but the initial cost is more than made up for with a fantastic return on your investment. Probably the most important advice that can be given concerning this matter is hire a studio. Proper websites are tricky to craft, and they are best left to the professionals, like the professionals at Deskree Studio.



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