This is a test post

I’m writing a test article on Medium. So far I think it’s fairly cool.

How do I add an image?

Clock at the Eisenhower Birthplace in Denison, Texas

Okay, that was pretty easy. Can’t figure out how to make the image smaller, but I suppose that could be handled by sizing the image before it gets uploaded.

Here’s a smaller photo.

Outside of Union Station in Washington DC that I took on my iPhone 5 and corrected in DxO Optics Pro and DxO Viewpoint 2.5.

What this tells me is that I should be sure to resize my images before inserting them into a post. Good practice anywhere — although it depresses me that it’s simply not safe to post large images because there are pathetic, low-life, scum-sucking, chicken-shit image theives crawling around on the internet.

This could actually be pretty good….

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