Solving the World’s Educational Problems

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste” (UNCF, 1972) Let’s share our minds to empower all members of mankind and earn money for doing that!

Today, we live in the era of the global sharing economy; it’s an era where many people are able to offer their skills in order to earn extra income within a flexible time period. Because we are able to take advantage of the availability of the internet, this opens up a tremendous opportunity for people across the world to exchange their own experiences and expertise for monetary compensation. This will reduce the cost of service for the consumers, while also maximizing the revenue for the providers. A clear example of this successful model is the Amazon store, where people across the globe can set up their own stores to sell virtually anything to buyers at the lowest possible cost. Because Amazon has an excellent payment system, customer service and clear shipping logistics, it allows the shipment of goods to occur smoothly from sellers to buyers.

When considering education, such a model will inevitably face many challenges. The traditional learning method requires a physical presence, in terms of human or space. Due to this presence, an unaffordable cost will occur for many potential learners, and there many be qualified teachers that can’t find enough work locally. In addition, there are also cases where the space is simply not large enough to accommodate the number of students in need. New learning approaches, such as online/e-learning through Coursera/EDX or Khan Academy, provide low cost learning, but the problem is that 90% of learners aren’t able learn by themselves and tend to drop out after the first few lessons. Because self-learning is only one of the main four components of learning (learning from a teacher, self-learning, learning via social interaction, and learning through testing), it can’t be used as a substitute for the entire learning process, and it’s also true that local teaching resources are never vast enough to cover the entire spectrum of human knowledge. To solve these problems, distance learning is the solution, if the technology can support it.

The ecosystem for people to teach each other via real time collaborative communication with the peer-reviewed content available on the platform

The Distance Learning model, where people across the globe can be connected via our EdooPAD platform for their knowledge exchange, will be able to solve such logistical issues, compared to what Amazon has done with their internal structures for shipping, management and payment. At EdooPAD Inc., our vision is “worldwide learning and knowledge exchange without barriers, anytime and anywhere”. That’s why we have developed the distance learning/teaching/tutoring platform enabled by an advanced collaborative telecommunication system to take the distance out of distance communication. In addition, we developed the Kryptor, the cryptocurrency, as an instrument for facilitating the learning and consulting activities in the learning network. Furthermore, we have developed the “EdooSTORE”, which is a marketplace for experts and educators to trade their peer-reviewed teaching/instructional materials with teachers/tutors/consultants to help them conduct their business more effectively and successfully. With this set-up in place, remote knowledge exchange will become much easier, and EdooPAD and its auxiliary applications will act as a marketplace for learners and providers to meet virtually in real time. Anyone with a special skill, whether he/she is a language expert, culture expert, local expert, or teacher of any field, can now set up his/her own store on the EdooPAD platform and provide the service to people worldwide. Like Amazon, EdooPAD provides the payment, customer support, and most importantly, the mechanism for delivering an interactive knowledge flow between teachers to learners. The service will be provided anywhere and anytime with the benefits attributed to each participant as follows:

To learners

  • Enhance the quality of life anytime and anywhere with a depository of knowledge and information at their fingertips
  • Provide the lowest possible cost for learning on their own time and place without many restrictions because they are able to access to a world market of experts.
  • Kryptor will help lower the cost of learning, and facilitate knowledge acquisition across the globe. In addition, Kryptor can help learners financially via community support for crowdfunding those in need.

To teachers/tutors/service providers

  • Earn money for their free time while helping others with their expertise at anytime and from their own space.
  • Kryptor will help people with knowledge and skills earn higher incomes by having access to the world market, and henceforth a higher volume of work available, making it easier for them to participate in knowledge exchange across the globe.
  • Earn money for reviewing and rating teaching materials as submitted by others before the materials can be sold on the EdooSTORE.

To experts, educators, and content developers

  • Earn money for their teaching materials, such as lesson or consulting plans
  • Earn money for reviewing and rating teaching materials as submitted by others before the materials can be sold on the EdooSTORE.
Decentralized Real-Time Distance Learning and Consulting Platform empowered by Kryptor

The EdooPAD platform is also a place to help disadvantaged students get financial assistance from the community for their learning needs. We plan to reserve a portion of revenue from the EdooPAD platform to support students with financial needs for their learning, both inside our system and within other systems as well. This fund will be used in collaboration with fundraising campaigns for students or schools that are facing financial difficulty. Toward this end, our mission is to make education accessible and affordable to everyone; using a combination of EdooPAD and Kryptor, our mission will be accomplished in a decentralized manner. For more information, please visit our Kryptor website at:

to learn more our mission and roadmap. We hope you will participate in this endeavor to bring education via knowledge sharing to everyone on earth. Let’s make education the human rights issue of our time.