Should White People Teach Yoga?
Kimber Simpkins

Lady, you have a mental problem. It is offensive that you impose your bizarre and perverted logic on the rest of us trying to live our lives as productively as we can. You don’t need anyone’s permission to learn a trade (like yoga instruction), and if you are good enough, teach it to others. There is no controlling legal authority that restricts anyone from teaching yoga based on their race or skin color. You come across as a fascist. The ideas you express are abhorrent.There may be intellectual property considerations limiting a person’s ability to teach a certain methodology if they signed a non compete agreement. Barring that, no one can take away a person’s right to teach yoga. You are an example of what happens when a person is not exposed to enlightenment philosophy during their development as a human being. The dichotomy here is that someone like you — a person who displays your reprehensible beliefs — makes the world a far worse place for everyone. So if you were to stop teaching yoga you wouldn’t be missed. Just don’t demean others by insisting they adopt your twisted beliefs.