Who's this guy?

Everyones blogging these days, music blogs, video blogs, blogs about blogs, so I thought why not add another blog to the mix and start my own.

Me, reading a menu in Italy being cultured

About me then, Iam a 21 year old AV technician, living in the ‘vibrant’ east end of London with £40,000 worth of debt from 3 years of uni. (I did end up with a degree in Audio and Music Production) With this new job, new flat, new life kinda thing going on i decided to start a blog to talk about things that interest me and finally put to use my B in GCSE English Language.

I’m not really too sure what to blog about, I’ve had a few ideas; Ikea Furniture, favourite London transport methods (not buses), my unnatural desire to be Jesse Lacey. In the end I decided to go for music, something which i’ve got a degree in and a career within. Expect music reviews, suggestions and general music talk. Maybe even some other bits if I fancy it.

Hopefully these random, sparsely done posts will interest people and will be a pleasant change from the memes, news articles, Ladbible posts and general s**t you see on Facebook.

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