My Daily Conflict Between Choosing To See The Best And The Worst In Life

Magic seems to have left the surface of the modern world if we look at the daily life of any person abstractly. We have succeeded in building nuclear triad nations, we have succeeded in segregating the humanity in groups and stereotypes, we have succeeded in undermining the essence of the fairer sex in our lives and we have succeeded in getting so fucked up that the very notion of our well-being has been seriously compromised.

Are we the ones who are responsible for royally messing up our lives or is it okay to lay all the blame and the consequences of our actions on someone else? Maybe it’s our lust and desire for having everything we want exclusively within our reach which should be held responsible? But then, one might argue that we are just wired to overreach and it has been designed into our nature. If the argument that I just presented above is correct, does that mean that we are destined to make seemingly stupid choices, that influence our future deeply and screw up our lives?

Maybe that’s the form of reinforced learning that seems to teach us how to deal with our drastic mistakes and make our lives more manageable and less painful. However, is it necessary to be traumatized by painful experiences in our lives to learn something of value? Well, surely! Nothing in life comes easy, that’s a sad revelation. And if something valuable does come easy, we don’t deem it as valuable. It’s obvious that if we play with fire then our hands will burn.

In the Norse mythology, the God Odin, hanged himself from the tree of life to learn the secret of afterlife. Everything comes at a cost, even for the celestial beings. Similarly, we have to lose someone to understand the value of the people who are in our lives. We have to suffer pain, sadness and depression to truly appreciate the mild happiness that we obtain from the little joys in life. We have to be brutally disappointed by our loved ones and life unfairly and our meticulously made plans have to be failed. This teaches us that not everything in life can be controlled so that we can relieved of the burden of ego that we have been carrying in our lives. And we have to be lonely, so that we can appreciate the love and comfort of the beautiful new people in our lives.

If we understand the deeper scheme of plans being imposed upon us, we will realise that the magic is not lost. It never was. It has it’s own mysterious way of working itself through our lives like the perfect invisible hand. The next time you are depressed and you wish that you weren’t alive, remember that your state of mind is bringing you inspiration for your next big success. As someone special who recently entered my life correctly said, “It’s not necessary to put emotions in everything”. You just have to believe and stay strong to make the things that you want in your life come true. And even if they don’t, trust me there’s something much better and more beautiful waiting for you just around the corner.

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