William Almonte — What to Look for While Choosing Legal Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are not only meant to serve for the commonly heard jobs, such as IT, construction, back office, accounting, etc. Rather recruitment industry has its legal section as well that deals with law employments. There are legal recruitment agencies who are handling different types of law jobs. Such as family law jobs, criminal law, employment law jobs, etc. Since not everyone who qualifies law gets to practice at court, law recruiting firms are there to help them get relevant job options in their field.

On this note, William Almonte believes contacting an agency which has several job options would be beneficial for law graduates. But he also emphasizes on the fact that there are a couple of things to notice while choosing a legal recruiting firm. Those are given below shortly.

  1. The first thing that you have to look for is whether or not they have many job options, at the same time if they deal with legal jobs. Also, figure out how long they have been in the legal field. If they only have general job offers for you, then you might be wasting your time with them.
  2. The second most important point that is valuable is the reputation. You must observe their reputation in the legal field. A well-reputed agency is likely to provide you best suggestion since they are in the market for long and know how things work.
  3. Whenever you are contacting any recruiting firm for law jobs, it is important to know their success rate according to William Almonte. What is the percentage of the applicants who have been matched with suitable jobs? Which companies are their clients? How many of candidates have been assisted in getting through interviews. These questions matter because only the ratio of their successful projects will assure you whether or not they are bankable.
  4. Whenever you come to terms with any recruiting firm, make sure you exchange contact nos. of the agents searching jobs on behalf of you. Thus you will come to know the person’s name and be able to find out how efficient that person is in the legal field. Or exactly which types of legal jobs he is expert at handling. Hence it will become much easier for you to understand whether the assigned person will be able to perform well or you should look for another recruiter.
  5. Communication is one of the vital aspects of this recruitment and candidate relationship. You have to figure out which agency is best at communicating with its clients. It is the agency’s responsibility to inform you of new updates and how they are matching up your skills with the job opportunities.
  6. You may also try to apply for jobs from the websites of the legal recruiting firms as per the options were given; you may try according to your suitability.

Other than doing all the above tasks there are few more efforts that you may put up. Like upload your resume on the firm’s website, compare legal jobs, search jobs by the name of the law firm or solicitor, etc.

Originally published at www.williamalmontemahwah.com on April 29, 2017.