inbetween expansion & contraction

the period before a large expansion, the calm before the storm, a period of stillness, a moment to reflection, an opportunity to “smell the roses”, an opportunity to reconnect with the reasons why I started the journey, the beginning of another cycle of growth, the time to quit or keep going, a time of vulnerability, a questioning of self, a questioning of why, a questioning of purpose, a time of humility, an overload of information, a point of confusion, a moment of clarity, a stripping of all things complex, an unexplainable understanding, a release of perceived responsibility, an answers to the call for more, an acceptance of the unknown, a trust in oneself, a preparation for sacrifice, driven by a reasoning unknown, a reasoning that is inherent, a reasoning that is natural, a reasoning that does not need to be known, reasoning that just IS, a reconnection with existence, a disconnection between meaning and occurrence, just breathe, just listen, just breathe, just listen…never stop. A lack of words, a new discovery, a reason to persist, if only until the next cycle of growth where a new discovery exists.