SJWs and Safe Spaces: The Special Snowflake Generation

Less than a decade ago, nobody would have thought that college students, a group whose sole purpose is to be exposed to diverse ideas, would need a room filled with puppies and coloring books to cope with ideas they don’t agree with.

Well, that’s happening. And it’s an epidemic that can be found across many college campuses.

With the rise of Milo Yiannapoulos, a professional journalist and provocateur who regularly offends and challenges the ideas of what is acceptable, as well as others like him, we have the advent of Safe Spaces. This could be the result of the mantra, “If you don’t agree with it, run away.” which has been adopted by the members of the Special Snowflake Generation.

The members of the Special Snowflake Generation, an unofficial term used to describe the people born from 1994 onwards, often hold the view that their opinions and feelings are incredibly important in the grand scheme of things. This of course, leads to the Special Snowflakes being very whiny and unwilling to accept certain realities of life that they’ve grown up being told not to believe.

For example, a common idea among Snowflakes is that everyone who participates in an event should be rewarded for only participating. This is, of course madness. You don’t get to the Olympics by just participating in enough decathlons, you have to be highly skilled and athletic.

Furthermore, they often believe that being fat should be accepted by society because in their eyes, if it’s who you are you should love being fat. But here’s the thing, facts don’t care about your feelings. People who are morbidly obese often develop osteoarthritis, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, reproductive problems, gallstones, certain cancers, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and metabolic syndrome disproportionately to healthy non-obese people. Why fat acceptance is a trend among Special Snowflakes, I have no idea, but if you were to interrupt a discussion about fat acceptance between Snowflakes and let them know that, no, it is not okay to be fat and you should not love your body if you are fat, you will be called hateful.

Hateful is only one label produced by the Special Snowflakes to silence people who have opinions that they don’t agree with. In fact, a scary trend of silencing people can be found among special snowflakes, and it’s being implemented through social justice.

Social Justice Warriors have recently created a movement, especially on college campuses, where any number of implements, from rioting and chanting over people, to jumping up onto a speaking platform and threatening speakers can be seen being used. This movement is, of course, dangerous and Orwellian, as it restricts the free exchange of ideas which leads to a stagnant and toxic society.

For some, the internet is the last bastion of free speech, as they can not make their voices heard in their local communities. Even here, however, people are being silenced. Whether it is Milo Yiannapoulos having been banned from Twitter, or Conservatives being banned from Facebook for… mentioning the censorship of conservatives?, It is a very perilous way to proceed in society, and it this trend needs to be recognized.

For those of you worried about this trend, share this article and raise awareness about this situation. Don’t be silent, lest society “progresses” to the point where you can’t speak up.