St George to Salt Lake City (via Nevada)

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Everyone from Lightgathering had said their goodbyes Saturday night. So Sunday was “get-outta-town” day. 
I still had a few errands to run. Primarily to throw away my leaky sieve of a tent, and swiss cheese excuse of an air mattress, in a St George Wendy’s parking lot dumpster.

And if you read my last post… You may remember that I never mentioned replacing the passenger side window in Steve McQueen (that’s my Xterra’s name). 
…That’s because I hadn’t.

But through a parts website, I found that there was a junkyard in Provo with an ’02 Xterra which was a compatible year with Steve McQueen, who’s an ’03. However, since it was Sunday (in Utah mind you). Nothing was open till the following day. 
Well… It looked like another cold night in the truck.

Which would have been fine, but I decided to go exploring one of the coldest parts of Nevada (and as I found out later, the country). 
It got so cold that night (-2°F — with the F standing for “Fuck it’s cold!”), that my 5 gallon jug of drinking water was more ice than water Monday morning.

I found my window in Provo. It was only $10 if I pulled it myself. So I grabbed the few tools I had with me and scavenged it out of Steve McQueen’s less fortunate cousin. It was dark and cold, so I decided to install it the next day, and I drove up to my good friend Em’s house in SLC where I was staying the night.

I stayed with Em for a couple nights. The window went in easy. And it was nice to have a warm bed and bath again after almost a week in the truck. While I was there, I went up into the canyons to shoot the snow.
BTW, when the signs say “No parking on shoulder when snow.” Definitely don’t do that!

From SLC, I drove to the Bonneville Salt Flats which is tomorrow’s post.

Panaca, NV. There’s more there; but not much.
Stop Extinction!
Kings Canyon looking towards Notch Peak.
Wikipedia says “The rock here is chiefly Silurian to Devonian carbonate rocks, though pink Tertiary ignimbrites can also be seen sporadically in places.”
…That’s pretty much what I thought when I saw them.
This image reminds me of Brett Weston’s Canal. But, in a more ghetto kinda way.
Everything is so silvery in Silver City!
When you move to Utah, you get your very own snow covered mountain. True story!
This was taken just around the corner from a junkyard.
More trees.
Ummm… Oh, yeah. Trees.
My attempt at a Fred Picker (This is a very obscure reference to a very obscure photographer. If you got it, you’re likely old and have a large format camera).
Sunset in Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.
Iron Blosam Lodge, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.
More Fred Picker attempts.
“Those aren’t PILLOWS!”

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