Undoing the Politics of Powerlessness
Yotam Marom

I was an early supporter of and still am of the Occupy efforts

Here are my thought on your thoughts

Your approach is very psychological, introspective, self realization, self actualization

I suppose it describes an early period in a generation awakening to politics, and I am sure this type of talk sounds no weirder to me than we sounded to our parents in our hippie stage

There seems to be no class consciousness expressed except the acknowledgment of the powerlessness of the many

As for the “we know nothing” part it might help if you folks studied some history and looked at successful and unsuccessful revolutions and tried to put our current situation in a historical context as well as learning some lessons from the past

In a lot of ways this new radical generation is trying to do it all from whole cloth in a totally new way, Ironicaly that is VERY similar to 60’s counter culture radicalism

I am not sure if a revolution is possible

I am not sure if a society free from oppression is possible

Keep in mind that the Roman Empire lasted for a very long time and I am sure it was not much fun for the average person living under it

However no matter where we are in this current stage surely to give in and accept the status quo is the cowards way out

I wish you all the best

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