STFU About Former President Barack Obama’s Paid Speech Already
Oliver Chinyere

No don’t STFU about Obama sucking up to the bankers. This is exactly why we have never had a Democratic party that really cared about the working poor, or anyone else. We have tolerated leaders who spoke a progressive line at election time and then promptly turned on those who voted them in.

The only historic thing about Obama’s presidency was the fact that he was black and that certainly marked a turning point. The fact that so many white people were able to vote for an African American was a historic event. His policies however were straight down the line neo-liberal, pro corporatist, the rich must rule policies.

If you are happy with Reganism and all it has brought us then defend Obama to the hilt. If you think the American people deserve a real progressive then have the guts to demand better. Obama gave fantastic speeches, but he was/is no progressive.

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