Let a popular candidate run under your banner then undermine them in internal emails, proving that you have a preference, which is not really that fucking democratic
You prove how deluded the soft right leaning left are.

Brainless twits. “Undermine them” ?

You bought that lie, hook, line, and sinker.

Bernie was attacking the DNC.

Do you find it odd a few people grumbled about him?

As for a “preference”, Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, and Bernie is a lying Independent.

The DNC was under no obligation to wear a blindfold.

Their job is winning Elections.

They aren’t obligated to promote a weak candidate just because his fanatic followers chant “Bernie or Bust”.

Bernie wasn’t popular enough with voters, and the voters chose someone else.

I think the Berners simply don’t understand how American Democracy works.

We aren’t Britain.

Margaret Thatcher was elected to Parliament with about 26,000 votes.

But only 128 votes made her Prime Minister.

The Berners appear to think that the DNC is a “Kingmaker” , and all they had to do was blackmail the DNC into nominating Bernie Sanders.

Nope, sorry. Not how it works.

Not in the Democratic Party anyway.

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