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Your attacks are WEAK.

Hillary Clinton, unlike Bernie Sanders, only promised what COULD BE DONE.

He promised Unicorns and Free Stuff that even Santa Claus couldn’t deliver without a 100% Democratic Congress pulling his Sleigh.

Hillary Clinton said that the States like New York and California could go to $15 immediately, but States like Alabama would have to go to $12.

That’s just common sense.

Agricultural States simply don’t have the capacity to ramp up quickly.

But they have a lower cost of living, so $12/hr would stimulate their Economy as much as $15/hr in California.

Berner fanatics like yourself aren’t CAPABLE of understanding this.

Plus, you can’t stand letting go of any potential attack against Hillary Clinton.

For example, that stupid Conspiracy Theory about Bill Clinton “secretly” meeting with Lynch in broad daylight, on the Tarmac in front of thousands of people with camera phones.

Don’t you conspiracy nuts ever THINK?

If the Clintons wanted to “collude”, burner phones would be a hell of a lot easier to cover up.

What kind of idiot would stage a conspiracy in broad daylight?

Just because you want to believe a hoax doesn’t make it true.

It does make you pathetic though.

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