Get one startup quote a day

Today, we’re introducing Quoteplay, a simple iOS app that sends one startup quote a day. It’s minimal, straight to the point and clutter free. All you do is set the time to receive the quote. That’s it, nothing more.

Download for iOS

Founders and makers don’t have time to do anything apart from bang away at the keyboard. We’re all heads down, trying to make it happen, and because of that, we find little time to get inspired.

With Quoteplay, you’ll get a gem of wisdom everyday. It won’t transform your life, but it might make you think…
He thinks

How it works

1. Open the app > 2. Set time > 3. Close app > 4. Wait for quote

Really — you’re charging for such a simple app?

Yes! We want to gauge if what we’ve built is something the startup community values and if it’s something we should continue to develop.

Early supporters (those that have paid for the app) will have the ability to save quotes and change colour themes with different notification sounds. We’ve named the different colour themes after the late Prince. Fun trivia: Prince has a lot of songs named after colours. The most famous, ‘Purple Rain’. We thought it would be fun to jam along.

The vision for Quoteplay is to build a massive resource of inspiring startup quotes.

What’s next?

Download it from the App Store. Give it a go, tell us what you think by emailing: