Last Chance to Vote Republican — Ever

Every four years we hear how this year is more important than every other election and how this is our only chance to make things right. But this time it’s true. This could be your last chance to vote for a viable Republican presidential candidate. While there are arguments to be made on both sides about the danger of one candidate over the other, there is one point that is one-sided and of ultimate importance, overshadowing all the others. Hillary Clinton is on the verge of changing the electoral map into something unrecognizable and irreversible. If successful, there will never be a Republican President again.

What is this one issue? Citizenship for illegal immigrants. If granted the right to vote, 11–20 million plus undocumented Democrats will change the electoral map forever. Once granted citizenship and the right to vote it cannot be taken away, at least not without greater effort to remove it than needed to oppose it in the first place. Once it is done, it is complete and there is no going back.

Over the decades illegal immigrants have flooded over the border. The last few years has seen a marked increase in anticipation of amnesty. The Administration has been systematically relocating them. Are we to believe that they are being randomly dispatched to States without regard to the political and demographic ramifications? Given the long term and strategic thinking of the Left regarding domestic politics this is very unlikely. They know what they want and how to get it.

By moving illegal immigrants into States with small Republican majorities they can win a majority at State level elections, most importantly for the Senate, Governor’s, and State Attorney’s General . By owning the Gubernatorial and Attorney General positions they will be able to keep the State legislator under control and prevent a Convention of The States to amend the constitution. By owning sixty percent of the Senate seats they can pass treaties and confirm judge appointments without worry of a filibuster.

There will still be Republicans of course. Even better, they may even retain control of the House for a little while. After all, a foil is needed. Someone will need to take the blame for a stagnating economy and a country that is slowly falling apart. Eventually, the Republicans in the House will serve as the Jews did in pre-World War II Germany as the source of the problem that afflicts everything. Then they too can be purged.

With the control of the States firmly in hand, Clinton will be able to control the Country through the use of treaties. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the template and only the beginning. She, and her successors, will negotiate treaties with rules to implement that affect Americans but no other countries, such as gun control. Sign the treaty, have it ratified by the Senate with a 60% majority and when it is challenged, upheld by a Democrat appointed Supreme Court. Ruled by a triumvirate that makes its policy decisions in foreign capitol’s, it reminds one of the saying “History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme”.

How can we know if this illegal immigration can effect an election? Because it already has. The apportionment of Congressional seats, and the electoral college, is based on the census. The census counts non-citizens and it is a fact that States like Mississippi and Oklahoma have had seats taken away and given to States like California. These Congressional seats translate into electoral votes, so in essence, counting illegals contributed to Barrack Obama’s election in 2012 by way of California’s unearned electoral votes.

Is this just a wild conspiracy theory? No. It is simple political strategy to outmaneuver an opponent using your strengths against their weakness. The Obama administration has already been caught in a similar effort. The “Fast and Furious” program that allowed Mexican gunrunners to purchase American firearms was started so that a United Nations Treaty for the International Trafficking in Arms Treaty could be ratified. Obviously, the goal was to have US firearms turn up in raids and murder scenes in Mexico when the treaty came up for ratification in the US Senate. They expected to use the outrage to justify ratification of the treaty. Then we would find out that there are some restrictions to personal firearms and the Administration would “have no choice” but to enforce those rules demanded by the treaty. After ratification the restrictions would have been upheld by Leftist judges who would point out that the treaty was ratified and enforceable. The scheme was derailed when a US Border Patrol Agent was found to be a victim of the illegal transfers. So what is proposed here is just the same program — built to scale.

If Hillary Clinton is elected she will give the right to vote to 20 million illegal immigrants for the expressed purpose of diluting the votes of millions of Conservative citizens. She and her successors will use this power to rule over us with a globalist triumvirate consisting of the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the office of the President. Hillary Clinton poses a long-term threat to American democracy. This could very well be your last chance to vote for a viable republican presidential candidate. Make it count.