Just a Little Rambling ……

Not that anyone is asking but some thoughts on recent news:

Russia, Election, Hacking

The language used by the intelligence community leaves no doubt that they are convinced Russia was behind the hacks into DNC, Podesta, etc. This has caused much uproar — “Why was it not publicized earlier? (it was)” — “Why didn’t Obama do more (it’s complicated)” — “Why wasn’t any info hacked on Republicans not released (it is suggested to sway the election to Trump) and did it swing the election for Trump (or similar thoughts).”

Maybe the info on Hillary swung just enough undecided voters to turn the election. But it is silly to blame Russia. Why? Because there was more negative information in the public domain on Donald Trump than was ever published in the WikiLeaks about Hillary.

Support of or a role in his father’s business’ racist policies in denying housing to African Americans. Check.

Taking out ads decrying the Harlem 5’s guilt and proposed punishment before they were found INNOCENT at trial. Check. And no apology.

Calling Mexican’s rapists? Check.

Denigrating the family of a soldier killed in combat. Check.

Continued cyber-bullying and use of childish nicknames in attempts to belittle political opponents? Check.

Losses of almost one billion dollars in a fiscal year. Failure to disclose tax returns like every presidential candidate for the last half-century. Check and check.

By now you should be getting the gist. And there is much, much more, this was just five simple minutes of a Bing search. Russia’s hacks did not determine the outcome of this election. The U.S. voters (sadly) determined the outcome of this election by their ignorance to or just lack of caring about the information that was out there in front of them. Their minds were likely almost made up before WikiLeaks, it just made them more sure. They were not conned or manipulated by Russia, they were conned by Trump, as they will painfully see as Trump continues to march his parade of insiders, billionaires, climate deniers, and big oil patriarchs into his cabinet (the real basket of deplorables — more on that in another entry) and enact policies and remove regulations that will hurt his base and the red states that supported him.

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