Spiritual Entrepreneur:

Section 3: The Ten Boons.

The treasure chest of unshakable inner happiness becomes yours the more conscious you become and that proposition should be appealing enough, however for those wanting something more tangible you might be surprised to know there are ten rarely discussed and precious boons contained within that chest, the possession of which, turbo charge creativity in any arena, including financial wealth.

During this chapter, we’ll delve into the inner happiness treasure troth and discuss the attributes, hallmarks of each of the ten boons contained.

I’ll list them first, then we’ll spend a few moments examining each, and their benefits.

1. Security 
2. Perspicacity 
3. Many things, one awareness
4. Detections of patterns
5. Fulfillment lives in you
6. Detect Unity 
7. Stability
8. Power of Grace
9. Detect Karma
10. Higher deserving power

1. Security

“There is no such thing as perfect security, only varying levels of insecurity” Salman Rushdie

The first boon gained when capturing a high state of consciousness is True security.
Most of us have been conditioned to look for security in money, yet candid conversations with some of the World’s most financially successful reveal having more money doesn’t generate the feeling of security.

Why is that? A clue to the answer lies in the dictionary definition.
Security is the degree of resistance to or protection from harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, item, nation, or organization.”

Everything contained within the definition above lives in the world of form, and no matter how much we wish otherwise, nothing in the world of form can be eternally protected from harm because all forms, are in a process of either being created, maintained, or destroyed — ultimately, nothing is secure.


There is no way to sugar coat this truth, and no sum of money large enough to defy this process.

In the words of Helen Keller, security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.

But if what we mean when we say, security, is not so much financial means but mental security or “peace of mind” money, is also unable to purchase.

If we haven’t obtained peace of mind then we’re probably worrying.

Let’s examine worry.

Worry is a mental process whereby we sacrifice the most precious resource we have, the now, then use our imagination to project visions of doom and gloom onto the blank screen of the future.
Michel de Montaigne summed worry up well, ‘My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened.’
If one’s a habit of worrying with five hundred dollars in the bank, you’ll worry with fifty million dollars in the bank, as studies show that mental habits don’t change simply because we have a change of circumstances.

The problem with worry is we’re preoccupied with a future that we can’t get to in the now, it’s always allusive and contains the prospect of an unlimited number of potential scenarios, most of which are beyond our control, and against which, even the largest sums of money can protect.

Money can’t purchase the ultimate security of anything in the realm of form, so it’s unable to purchase peace of mind. 
However, the good news is, when we capture a higher state of consciousness we gain True security.

All of the greatest Spiritual Masters and Entrepreneur’s who have ever walked the Earth have acquired an inner security so deep that they have remained unstoppable even in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

Elon Musk had invested his entire fortune made in PayPal in two new companies Tesler, and Space X.

By the end of 2008 he had no money left and was running around borrowing cash from friends just to make payroll for both companies.

Musk demonstrated an enviable level of inner security that was not derived from dependence on a bank balance or his then, current circumstances. With great determination, a reliance on his own indwelling spirit and a clear vision of the World as a better place through his companies products was able to inspire people to back him even while on the precipice of financial ruin.

Fortunately, in early 2009 Space X received an order from NASA than ran into the hundreds of millions.

True Security is experienced to the degree we have an awareness of our spiritual nature because unlike the World of form, it does not change. As Gilda Radner from Saturday night live once said, “there is no real security except the for whatever you build inside yourself”

We need to look inward for our security.

2. Perspicacity

When we progress into higher states of consciousness we acquire the coveted treasure troth of happiness, and the second boon contained within is perspicacity.

Perspicacity means a greater clarity of awareness, an ability to draw finer distinctions through detecting increased levels of subtly.

In lower states of consciousness, we’re living in a haze, we look at two things, and for all intents and purposes, they appear the same. An orange and a tangerine may appear identical. 
After all, they are both round, orange in color, soft, and contain juice, but alas they’re not the same thing.

In the higher states, vision is clear, we notice subtle distinctions between things, we have the ability to perceive more accurately.

In business, and in personal relationships, to detect the subtle nuisances underlying words and actions, to accurately read people is a powerful ability that can help us save time and money.

Looks can deceive and not everyone is, who they proclaim to be.

A client within our Spiritual Entrepreneur program shared a story of interviewing someone for the position of client adviser within his hedge fund.

Paraphrasing his words.

“I met the applicant for an informal meeting at a cafe and when it came time to pay the bill, he handed the waitress a credit card, then explained there may not be enough money in the account, preempting the card’s decline.

This was the first red flag.

Still unsure as to whether he’d be a good fit for our company, I invited the man on a boat outing to continue our informal interview. Asking if he could bring anything, I requested a few bottles of sparkling water.

A few hours later I maneuvered the boat into the dock to pick him up. The candidate was standing there, proudly holding up two virtually empty bottles of water, both dinted with the labels long removed. The symbolism didn’t go unnoticed.

He talked a big game and not long ago I would have ignored the discordant messages. The talk of his wealthy client base would have blinded me to the reality of what he was demonstrating in real time — poverty consciousness.”

With greater awareness, there’s a greater accuracy of perception, the ability to read the terrain, to read the intentions of others, to read absolutely anything is increased. Yes, you’ll still make mis-takes, but there are fewer of them.

As a boy, I performed an unauthorized raid on our family freezer and captured a tub of vanilla ice cream. 
On hearing my Father walking toward the kitchen, I quickly hid the ice-cream under a nearby table. My Father opened the fridge and asked for the ice-cream’s whereabouts, I stood there like a deer in headlights and made the conscious decision to lie. With the spoon held behind my back and ice cream dripping from my face. I told my Father I knew nothing about it.

When he so quickly determined that I was fibbing, it seemed like magic, I was absolutely stunned. How can he be so sure I was not telling the truth?

Those without a sufficient level of consciousness may feel that your ability to read them, is like a magic power, but to you, it’s obvious.

3. Many things, one awareness

In higher states of consciousness, you can be aware of your driving speed, the turn signal on the car in front, the taste of the coffee in your mouth, the voice of the person on the phone, the way the light is reflecting off the ocean, the warmth of the sun on your skin and the fact that you’re on a planet orbiting a sun in a galaxy, that’s part of a vast universe in which you momentarily exist.

Having more consciousness provides a broad spectrum awareness that keeps everything in perspective. Spaciousness of awareness means we’re less likely to get hooked on petty drama.

With greater awareness of everything in our World and our place it in, there’s more to enjoy, love and appreciate, which, as we covered earlier is the mission of the Universe.

The ability to contain more things in one awareness could be thought of as kind of spiritual multi-tasking.

In business, it provides the ability to process and collate more information, to make better decisions, accomplish more, while doing less.

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of being focused, and one can be prescribed medication if you can’ and yes perhaps, focus is a good trait as it applies to getting things done, however when you focus on one at the exclusion of others, it’s a form of selective ignorance.

By selecting one thing to focus on, we are by default selecting other things to ignore, things deem less important. When we do that we miss a lot of valuable information.

As one Spiritual Entrepreneur joked, “before participating in your program, I was so focused on the getting the tasks done within my job that I didn’t realize my job was going nowhere ” I asked him, “what was your job?” He laughed, “Arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” I was so good at arranging the chairs I didn’t realize I was on a sinking ship.

As we ascend further into the top right hand corner of Q4 , we retain that ability to attend to one thing while simultaneously being aware of an infinite number of other information feeds. Think of the way a computer can have multiple programs open and running simultaneously, you don’t need to shut down one, to focus on another. This is a massive upgrade from the mutually exclusive, binary approach to life.

4. Detection of patterns

To understand, is to perceive patterns. Isaiah Berlin

A man in his late thirties arrived for a session in my home in West Hollywood. He showed up in a late-model Aston Martin, double parked out front, left the hazard lights flashing and entered my living room wearing a navy blue suit, white button-down shirt, red tie and black Prada shoes polished to perfection.

I knew about the brand because I ask for shoes to be removed on entering.

The man was an executive of leading motion picture studio and by all standards, except the happiness measure, was successful.

The reason for the session was he wanted some help to diagnose an issue. 
He was depressed and couldn’t figure out why.

To help uncover the cause I asked him to tell me about his typical week. 
He said, he’d start work at around 7.30 a.m. and work until the around 8 p.m. each week day. 
He loved his work, so he knew that wasn’t the issue. So I asked the following questions, “Do you exercise?” Yes “Do you have good relationships with your colleagues? “Yes” “What about with your family?” Yes “ Do you have everything in order financially “Yes” he proudly responded “ I have everything I need.

Finally, after firing off dozens of questions we stumbled on a pattern.

He noticed that his depression and bad moods were most acute on Saturday mornings and commented that the cloud of negativity would slowly lift as Sunday rolled into Monday and into the rest of the week.

What was it about Saturday mornings, I wondered? Too much free time to think? Going to temple?
After about ten minutes, I realized I was asking the wrong question. 
The question is not, “What is it about Saturday mornings?” It’s “What is it about Friday nights?”

He to told me that almost every Friday evening he and some friends would do the rounds of the Hollywood nightclubs. They were all followers of the “work hard, play hard” principle.

“Playing hard is not just limited to sports” he laughingly told me, and listed the number of alcoholic beverages, and “other things,” that they’d ingest during a typical evening.

He talked of their nights out with the same effervescent enthusiasm as a quarterback describing his winning touch town on Super Bowl Sunday.

There it was, the pattern revealed.

“Do you see it?” I asked, “Do you see that the depression is most acute the morning after your night out?”

To begin with, he protested, defending the partying “but we have an awesome time!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s a great time so long as you can wrap a six-hour time window around the experience” I said “however if you judge the sum total of the experience, which includes the hangover the next day followed by bouts of depression, would you still consider it a good time?”

“No, not when you put it like that.”

Sometimes we’re so close to a habitual way of thinking and being, that we’ve not objective enough to diagnose our issue.

My client appeared to be unaware that alcohol was a depressant, and that people who experience anxiety or depression are twice as likely to be drinkers.

One attribute of a higher state of consciousness is the ability to join the jots on things, to see the pattern.

We gain objectivity, we can begin to see the way we generate our experience, either wittingly or unwittingly, through unexamined and habitual thinking and behavior.

The forth boon is the ability to detect patterns.

Possessing the talent to perceive repeatable patterns of behavior of an industry, a market, the people around you, or even yourself is an extremely valuable asset and a trait of a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

To transcend limitations and form positive new patterns of life-based on who you know you can be rather than who you were yesterday, you must give up the modes of thinking, feeling and behaving that only keep you chained to your past.
Debbie Ford

5. Fulfillment lives in you

The young man sat down and placed his neatly folded jacket over the armchair. He was wet from the rain and visibly upset.
A huge window hung behind him allowing a view of the street. It was a stormy day, with intermittent lightning, with leaves and broken tree branches strewn over parked cars.

The secretary approached, “please go up the stairs, it’s the door to your right, Fred can see you now” she said.

The young man entered the room. Fred gestured for him to sit down. He did as instructed. The older man asked, “How can I help you” 
“I am heartbroken,” the boy said. 
“Tell me more,” Fred asked compassionately.

Like a gorged river dam that could no longer hold it’s bank, his story issued forth. “I’ve been courting a girl for two years. And there is nothing I can do to make her like me. I take her to amazing restaurants and fabulous shows and we always share a beautiful time, but there is nothing I can do to have her kiss me, to hold my hand, nothing.”

“What is it that you want from her” Fred asked.

The young man stammered

“I guess I want her to love me”

One of the most important things to know, that will save years of confusion and heartache is the residing place of fulfillment, peace, and love.

In the early phases of our evolutionary journey, we perceive the home of these qualities as residing in someone else or somewhere else.

Fulfillment is thought to live in the future on the yonder side of an achievement, when we purchase the new house, the nice car, or have acquired that magic dollar amount.

Peace is thought to live in another time, like after work, on the weekend, or when we retire. Or it’s imagined to live in another destination, like a remote beach or perhaps on a yacht.

And love is believed to reside, in a certain romantic interest on whom we’ve set out sights.

When we capture a higher state of consciousness we know that fulfillment and love etc are not living in the future on the yonder side of a change in circumstance, rather, they are contained within, forever available in the here and now.

The opposite of fulfillment is lack and desperation.

Desperation is created by the mind misperception that what it needs is “out there” Like the young man who believes he needs the woman’s approval, and that somehow he’s lacking without it.

Desperation pushes everything we desire away, fulfillment pulls everything we desire toward us.

The misperception that love and other positive emotions reside somewhere else gives rise to desperation and other debilitating emotions.

This happens when you overlook the wealth that expresses as the spiritual kingdom living within you.

As entrepreneur aspiring for Q4 greatness, we can’t afford to spend a moment wallowing in low grade emotions.

Love lives in you, not in a romantic interest, fulfillment lives in you, not in a future achievement, peace lives in you, not on a beachside vacation.

As we progress and evolve, the habit of thinking that what we need resides elsewhere fade, then ultimately dies. And if in those rare moments we forget, we note the discordant emotions that our misperception generates and in so doing, make the choice, once again to rest in the truth of what we know.

The fifth boon within the happiness treasure troth is a mind that is resolute in the knowing that fulfillment lives in you.

The F.O.M.O phenomena, (Fear of missing out) is nonexistent in those in higher states of consciousness. F.O.M.O. is replaced with J.O.M.O, (Joy of missing out)

After a two decade Global search, wading through oceans of Spiritual material and filtering through gallons of hocus-pocus I’ve distilled and compiled the five mental position and the seven daily rituals that the greatest Spiritual Entrepreneur’s and Masters have applied to expedite their journey into higher consciousness. All will be forthcoming in the coming chapters,

“We are all looking for peace, freedom and security. We all desperately long to be happy. But ignorance misdirects us. It assures us that happiness cannot really be within us, that we’re nothing but individuals, separate egos. 
And so we start to search for this dimly conceived, eternal happiness amidst the finite and transient phenomena of the external world. Like the fabled musk deer. we search all over the earth for that haunting fragrance which really exudes from ourselves. We stumble, we hurt ourselves, we endure endless hardship but we never look in the right place.”

How to Know God
Swami Prabhavanda

6. Detect Unity

The reason why the world lacks unity and lies broken and in heaps is because man is disunited with himself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Before an awareness of our spiritual nature, our identification is primarily with the World of form. As the World of form consists of billions of seemingly separate entities, and in the absence of detecting a unifying force binding, we can find ourselves feeling separate, isolated and alone and acting in ways out of integrity with the whole.

Without the detection of unity, we can act like cancer cells. Cancer are rogue cells that fail to operate in reference to the whole. They end up destroying the body of which they’re apart and kill themselves at the same time, completely absurd.

In higher states of consciousness we feel the interconnectivity of things, we see the underlying field that binds all, and peace is forthcoming.

Feelings of being alone or separate don’t exist and our behavior toward others becomes more compassionate and kind.

This is not because we’ve read about the virtues of kindness or because we’re “aspiring” to be better people, it happens naturally through the perception of unity which makes a leaning toward compassion easy.

Occasionally I’m asked if intelligence and consciousness is the same thing.

The clearest distinction between a high state of consciousness and one who’s highly intelligent is that the former can see the interconnectivity of things, where the later may not.

It is possible to be highly intelligent, yet in a low state of consciousness.

You’ll hear people say, “she has a brilliant mind” or “he’s an absolute a genius” only to discover, the person in question is defrauding people, has an issue with alcohol or drugs, or a terrible temper, — to cite just a few examples.

Typically intelligence is defined by one’s ability to store large chunks of knowledge and the speed at which it can be collated and recalled. 
Whether one applies the knowledge constructively, in a way that makes them happy and balanced, is not a consideration within the traditional definition of the word. As Ernest Hemingway observed, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

From the point of view of a Spiritual Entrepreneur, intelligence is an overrated attribute, if one can’t figure out how to be happy.

Additionally, as we covered earlier, an intelligent person in a low state of consciousness finds it difficult to connect the dots.

It requires a highly intelligent person to design and construct a nuclear weapon, however, an intelligent person in a high state of consciousness, foreseeing the potential devastation, would not create such a monstrosity.

For the entrepreneur detecting unity, there are some benefits, perhaps the greatest, we naturally treat those with whom we do business, as an extension of self.

This allows the ability to truly empathize with others, to hold their best interests at heart, not to fake it.

How is this beneficial?

What we get back what we put out.

Those with whom you business identifying the genuineness of your care, tend to reciprocate, becoming powerful allies and word of mouth advocates. They can help you grow your business at a speed that will leave others in your industry dumbfounded.

As we acquire the treasure chest of a higher state of consciousness we gain the sixth boon. The perception of Unity.

Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two. — Buddha

7. Stability

You get a reputation for stability if you are stable for years.
Mark Zuckerberg

Stability is a widely admired quality and regarded as a necessary trait of great entrepreneurial leadership.

Emotional stability is a feature of a mind that is convicted in the knowing that fulfillment is here and now inside one’s self. The mind can no longer be seduced by the notion that a future circumstance has the power to offer an experience that’s better than what’s already available in the here and now.

In lower states of consciousness, however, we’re “object referral”, meaning outer objects (forms and phenomena) are the factors to which we refer to determine how we should feel.

Any perceived moment toward our desires will evoke a feeling of relative happiness, and any perceived movement away will evoke a feeling of relative unhappiness.

Like a see-saw, our emotions go up and down, from happiness to unhappiness, so naturally, we’re unstable.

It can be extremely stressful residing in “object referral consciousness” as not only are our emotions but our entire identity hinges on the fluctuations of external events.

Examine the facial expressions of Wall Street traders when there’s a sudden drop in the markets. In some extreme cases, a precipitous drop can be a catalyst for an otherwise successful trader to take his own life. 
If one has formed a mental identity, as a great trader and the new reality harshly contradicts that view, then as insane as it is, terminating one’s life can present as a reasonable way out.

In higher states of consciousness, we see that it’s not things external to us that determine the way we feel, rather our mental commentary, about those things.

With this understanding emerges a great freedom.

When we take refuge in the changeless, formless, spiritual dimension of who we are we’re less impacted by the ups and downs of life.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the World are those who remain cool and calm under pressure, the one’s who can remain stable when confronted with adversity, and not crack under pressure.

Emotional Stability is the seventh boon,

Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability.
Ho Chi Minh

8. Power of Grace.

Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.
Bradley Whitford

As we ascend into Quadrant 4, we discover an increase in the frequency of “Acts of Grace”. While there is no specific formula for calling forth these occurrences however when our heart’s in the right place, and our intentions are pure, it is said they occur with increased frequency.

An act of Grace is an event that posses the aura or a miracle. It’s so random, the odds against it happening so impossible, that it’s appearance, constrains even the most cynical mind to the conclusion, that their life must be indeed supported and by a God, or higher power.

While in truth our entire life is an expression of grace, there are times when one particular act of “support” is so outstanding that it’s forever etched into our hearts and mind.

Most have a story of experiencing some such support, here’s one.

Years ago when I first arrived in Los Angeles, I was unable to work legally as didn’t have papers, so I did a work exchange at a travelers hostel, on Windward Ave in Venice.

In exchange for working the front desk, I was given a bunk bed in one of the dorm rooms. 
On Monday mornings I’d be paid just enough money to buy the bare essentials for the week, but by Sunday I’d often run out of food and need to spend the day hungry.

Not the end of the World, but uncomfortable.

During this period I met Jeanie, an African American woman about my Mother’s age.

Jeanie was always in high spirits, possessed a big smile, and an even bigger laugh.

One Sunday afternoon, a few months after meeting, I was out of food all except a few slices of bread and assumed I’d be “fasting” overnight until being paid the following day.

On a walk that afternoon I rounded a corner on to the promenade to see Jeanie walking toward me smiling. When she neared, she took my hand and in her upbeat way said “common boyfriend, I’m taking you for a coffee”

As she wouldn’t take no for an answer I accepted her invitation, but inside was embarrassed that I had no money to pay.

Sitting together we talked about various things, not once mentioning that I was hungry and without money.

In mid-sentence Jeanie, paused, looked in my eyes, then took both my hands in hers and said, “Will, I want you to do me a favor”

“Absolutely Jeanie, what is it?

She said, “I want you to open your hands and close your eyes” 
Observing my hesitation, “come on boyfriend, just do it”

I did as instructed, and felt some paper fall into my palm, and opened my eyes to see two bills, enough money to buy a small box of groceries. 
I immediately became choked up by the gesture. I thought to myself, “how did she know I was in need?”

As if reading my mind Jeannie said “let’s just say, a sister knows when her brother needs some help”

As we ascend into Q4, the laws that govern our life shift from being controlled by systems, hard and fast formulas and tunnel vision, and instead become governed by a different kind of operating system.

We operate under “the aegis of grace”.

In liner, mind dominated lower states of consciousness, we can become so tunnel visioned, so focused on our goals and ambitions, that there is no space to witness grace.

We’re on the plane sitting next to someone who has the ability to transform our business through one stroke of a pen, but we fail to be courteous and say hello because we’re feverishly working on a marketing algorithm that’s designed to locate precisely the person we are sitting next to.

The eighth boon we gain as we ascend into the top right hand corner of quadrant four is the serendipitous power of grace.

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.” Anne Lamott,

9. Detect Karma

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
Steve Jobs

In higher states of consciousness, we’re more apt to perceive the cascade of events that will likely result as a consequence of our actions. If I do this thing over here, it will probably result in that thing happening over there.

Dissimilarity, individuals, or even nations, who collectively reside in a lower state of consciousness, tend to be unable to see the Karmic connection between cause and effect and perceive the result of their actions.

A friend and I went to Monaco for the Formula One Grand Prix.

From the Monaco yacht club we watched the cars speed by, a spectacular sight, that for me, only remains fascinating within the limits of a few hours of observation.

During the afternoon we were introduced to a man with a bodybuilders physic. He was covered with tattoos and wore a gold and diamond studded watch. Paul (not his real name) became noticeably vague when discussing his occupation, he’d just stare off into the distance in silence and I thought whatever he does may not have been completely above board.

Later in private my friend jokingly suggested that Paul might have been in the import, export business, specializing in illegal substances.

I didn’t give it a thought until six months later while driving by a newsstand I saw a front-page image of Paul in handcuffs, he was arrested as the alleged ringleader of a 360 million cocaine bust.

I called my friend from the Monaco trip, he’d already heard the news.

The thing that was most bewildering was how a seemingly normal guy, could think dealing in illicit drugs was a sustainable way to make a living?
It seemed obvious, at least to us, that sooner or later, probably sooner, the law is going to catch up, particularly if your posting daily images of a multi-million dollar lifestyle all over social media.

In lower states of consciousness, the connection between cause and effect is blurry, to say the least.

In higher states the connection is clearer. We live in a world where nothing happens in isolation. We see the karmic law that what you put out you get back, that with every action there is a reaction then we become on a clear mission to radiate goodness and positivity in the atmosphere.

There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.
Sylvester Stallone

10. Higher deserving power

If we desire to create an abundance of something externally then we need to feel abundant internally. 
It’s difficult to attract riches if we feel poor and if we have the riches and still feel poor, what’s the point in that?

Many are under the illusion that it works in reverse. First, give me the money then I’ll feel rich. Or give me the relationship and then I’ll feel love.

But the spiritual entrepreneur knows that everything streams forth from the inside out. Feel rich and then you will attract the money. Feel the love and then you will attract the relationship.

The world in front of our eyes is a visible and physicalized expression of an invisible mental and spiritual counterpart. If you want to change what you are creating externally you need to change what you’re thinking and feeling internally.

We all have a sense of what we feel we deserve, and it’s this deserving power that largely dictates the quality of our experiences. If we want to experience deeper levels of happiness and wealth, we must first feel we deserve it, but how do we change what we feel we deserve?

“Make room mentally and in your heart for what you want and be your own gatekeeper. Do not let anything or anyone in who’s not willing to meet your divine desires — you deserve it all.”
Jon Morro

Our inner-deserving power can be shaped by our conditioning and upbringing however it’s good to know that it’s not a fixed thing and can be changed.

Deserving power is like a container designed to catch rainwater. 
To retain the water, you need two things, the rain to come and an object to hold the water. The volume of water you’re able to hold is in direct proportion to the size of the container.

Arguably the most important ingredient to actualizing quadrant 4 success, even more, important than a great idea, more important than hard work, is doing the inner work to increase your invisible container, your deserving power.

If we don’t do this work we can sabotage ourselves time and time again.

Studies show that eighty percent of lottery winners who win vast sums of money when tracked over a ten-years end in the same financial situation prior to the win.

With no expansion of their inner deserving power or invisible spiritual container, they were unable to accept and assimilate so much abundance.That which exceeded their intrinsic sense of deserving simply spilled over the sides.

Equally and oppositely, there are some entrepreneurs who become devastating close to losing everything materially, and in some cases do, only to discover within a few years they have once again amassed a fortune.

Their intrinsic deserving power magnetized into their invisible container that which they desired.

A casting director client once commented that she’d seen many unknown but talented actors, blow an audition once in the room with a Hollywood director who had the power to transform their career.

As the stakes were high, outside the range of the actor’s comfort zone (deserving zone) they unconsciously sabotaged their efforts by not showing up on time, being overly nervous or not knowing their lines.

But how do we capture a higher deserving power?

When we become aware and identify with our formless spiritual identity we are identified with an aspect of who we are that has no limits. There is no experience too grand or too great. Expanding our deserving power is commensurate with expanding our awareness of our formless identity, and the four roads to take into a deeper awareness of our spiritual nature is coming up up next.


The universe has implemented a kind of disqualification filter that protects against these boons from wandering into the wrong hands and be used for the wrong reasons.

Someone who’s not sufficiently evolved could, in theory, read this material and begin rubbing their hands together, thinking of all ways they could use these boons to out strategize, and manipulate others, to bend them to their will.

These boons however are not granted to those to be used against others, they are only offered to those who have a genuine desire to help and serve.

It is through your awareness of your connection with others that provides the ability to see into others.

These ten valuable boons arrive upon capturing a higher state of consciousness which means greater happiness, love, and appreciation.

The right mental, emotional and spiritual foundation allows solid construction for our material creations.

If you don’t start from within and get your inner state right your outer life will always be unsatisfying, no matter what you’re able to build or accomplish.

In the same way, there are many entry points into a magnificent castle there are many entry points into capturing a higher state of consciousness.

In the following chapter, we’ll cover the four primary paths and their characteristics.

Some can be steep and bumpy and reside on cliff faces with precipitous drops others are smooth and flat traversing them simple and easy.

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