Two Crucial Tips To Keep Angry Customers Satisfied

When you work as a customer service employee, the question isn’t if you will encounter an angry customer at some point, it’s when. There are lots of examples out there where companies don’t handle angry customers seriously, but even if something isn’t your fault, you should still handle it appropriately. An unsatisfied customer can cause a lot of damage to your business.

#1: Apologize, apologize, and apologize

Even if the problem isn’t your fault at all: apologize! This is probably the most important thing you could do. A customer might be totally wrong, however in their opinion you caused the situation they’re in, therefore you should be responsible for apologizing.

If you don’t, the customer will feel like they’re not being taken seriously, thus complaining about the company and potentially damaging its reputation, which can cause you loss of possible customers and revenue.

You’ll also want to genuinely tell the customer you know how they feel. Here’s an example:

Customer: I’m angry because there’s an outage of my website and I want it to be resolved quickly.
Customer Service: Hi, we’re sorry for the issues with the website. I understand this must be very frustrating. I’ll make sure to guide you through the process of resolving these problems!

You want to make sure you’re not just sending a standard message you could send to everybody, as that will make the customer feel ignored and, again, not being taken seriously.

#2: Handling outages

If there’s an outage if you’re providing a service, first off, you want to apologize as in #1. In case of an outage or other issues with a service, there is one thing you cannot overdo: communicate with customers, and tell them what’s happening. For example, if a server is down, a good status page would tell the customer exactly what’s happening. Make sure to send emails to the customer so they know exactly what’s happening:

October 16 @ 10:46 PM: We are experiencing some fatal issues with server web01. Please hold on while we investigate this issue and take steps to fix the issues. We expect the server to be online in about 30 minutes.

October 16 @ 11:02 PM: We have been able to investigate the issue and find the cause. At this point, we are replacing the hardware of web01 due to a fatal error with an SSD drive. We will let you know when there’s progress. We sincerely apologize for this situation, thank you for your patience

October 16 @ 11:21 PM: We have replaced the SSD drive in the web01 server. This means all customer sites will be back in about 10 minutes. Please hold on while the server boots up!

October 16 @ 11:27 PM: All customer sites are back online. Over the past half hour, we have worked hard to investigate the issue and fix it. We will make sure to provide appropriate compensation. Please visit our blog for more information. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Providing customer service isn’t really tricky. Providing good customer service, though, is. Make sure to follow these two ‘rules’ when you have to face an angry customer.