recently received a message that someone was “following” me…someone who’s perspective i stirred thoughts of response & responsibility.. did i now owe said interest something worthy of following? it came at a time when i was not going anywhere but rather reflecting on the past.. however it caused me to consider what i contained worthy of being followed for… once a fellow who had been given permission by the Dalai Lama (not to be confused with a Dali Llama) to give Buddhist names.. titled me with “truth holding diamond”… (at least i could always say it’s what gave me a hard edge).. at one time i was invited on a National Geographic expedition to China and in preparation studied Chinese philosophy..not due to my own wisdom the book chosen was by Lao Tzu of Tao fame (the book was given by a librarian at Cornell when i requested a good choice)..eventually perusing said volume illuminated my vision and enabled me to understand what was being presented in illustrated form.. thinking everyone else already knew of him it dampened my desire to share newfound knowledge..later to discover the Chinese revered him as a wise scholar..whom many found either too difficult to understand or impossible to follow… it amazed me that 2000 years after his death his presence was still powerful.. it also made me realize Confucius was a lightweight in comparison… so to Mairead O’Donoghue may i be worthy of your “follow”…and may i not seem hollow.. may my words not seem like fallow.. nor make you seek a gallow.. but inspire you to greatness on your own way of the path

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