Tips to Expert Fleet Management

Jan 19, 2018 · 3 min read
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The growth of industries across the globe is so tremendous and that has led to the demand of effective transportation. The term effective in transportation is crucial here, as the transportation should uplift the credibility and efficiency of your business. If a truck misses a dateline for example, that will lead to losses and also your company will lose credibility with the client. The traditional methods of vehicle tracking by most companies are phone calls and road maps.

Though the means can work sometimes, you need to know that no matter how experienced your driver is, he may never predict the entire road network of a region. Not only that but also the fact that the fleet’s management will be based on the driver’s honesty. If you are tracking very precious commodities, you will need a good software that will keep track the best way. Fleet management has a lot of benefits as long as everything is done in order. There are many advantages in insurance, repairs, safety, direct monetary incentives of proper fleet management etc. These hints will direct you on how to track your fleet like an expert.

It is best to use your company’s vehicles than letting the employees transport the goods with their own vehicles. By ensuring that, your company will enjoy profits like reduced liabilities, their brand, the right vehicle for the job, etc.

It is important to know your costs. When you get to know about the indirect and direct cost, you will be able to plan on how to reduce them. There are many indirect costs that include marketing value, driver downtime, customer satisfaction and many others. Know more about GPS at

It is crucial that you purchase as many vehicles as necessary to help ease the job of fleet management. Every vehicle costs a not significant amount to install and maintain. All unused vehicles do depreciate in the parking place and sadly, they will cost you more money than you benefit from them.

When choosing a vehicle for a fleet, ensure that you pick the appropriate one. Such decision can only be made right when you have considered it well. You may have come across a very nice vehicle with top features but depreciates withing little time.

Occurrence of accidents will not only damage your vehicle, but also lead to many other costs. It is therefore prudent to find the right steps and measures to ensure that such are reduced. Check the employees working records before you hire them, and keep checking that after employment. Aside from motivating your employees to focus on the job, let them get training o safe driving and also provide incentives for safe training.

You should focus on managing your maintenance. There is a top software in the market that will keep the track well and you should get one.

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