Voting Is Not A Political Action — I Still Feel The Bern, But I’m With Her
Mattias Lehman

Good Read, however I do have some comments:

  1. Hillary Clinton has a long and consistent history of siding with Republicans, and her and her husbands actions during Bills Presidency destroyed the lives of thousands, if not millions, of black and minority Americans. Her actions are more comparable to George W. Bushes than they are to Barack H. Obamas
  2. Hillary won the primary due to assistance by the DNC, and without this collusion, Bernie Sanders would probably have gotten the nomination. Therefore, how is it better to vote for a candidate that lied and cheated her way into the nomination? As bigoted and xenophobic as Trump is, and as much as he lied, at least he didn’t have to cheat to get the nomination.
  3. The presidency has very limited power, and without the support of Congress is unable to get much done. Trump will not get that support, and would not accomplish much of anything. Hillary would get the support of Congress, and would push the country more to the right than it is now, just like Bill did in his 8-years.
  4. Voting, regardless of Democrat/Republican/other is never a wasted vote, that false belief is the only reason the US has been stuck with two parties that do not successfully hold each other in check.
  5. I’m still waiting for a genuine reason to vote for Hillary other than: 
    a) First woman President — we shouldn’t let the novelty of having the first woman president take precedence over electing an honest and fair president.
    b) She’s not Trump — really? please read the things she has said and voted for in the past 20 years, she might not be as tactlessly direct as Trump, but she definitely shares a lot of the same ideas about minorities and woman.
    c)she’s qualified — No, she rode Bill Clintons coat-tails and has repeatedly done a piss poor job at all the positions she has held (take an actual unbiased and honest look at her history)
  6. I supported Hillary for years, but as I got older I decided to start researching politicians and their voting histories, etc…. which is why I developed the belief that Hillary is as dangerous, if not more so, than Trump

Again, great article, definitely worth a read