The Anti-Bucket List Bothers Me

This article, while meaning very well and attempting to encourage people to follow all of their dreams is problematic and guarantees a life of mediocrity. This kind of “you can do everything and be everything you want to be at once” is what leads to folks who are dental hygienists Monday through Friday, and “actors” on the weekends, who are still writing that book on Philosphy while studying pre law online. We all know these people, they are constantly running from one thing to the other and never really accomplishing anything. They embody the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.” Don’t be one of those people.

News flash people, you cannot excel at everything at one time. Sorry. You actually have to commit to one thing at a time. Baryshnikov wasn’t trying to master basket weaving at the height of his career, it was ballet 24/7. If you want to have mastery over something, recall the 10K hours? Well you cannot devote that kind of time to something if you are spinning 15 other plates in the air. Give yourself a break, drop the damn other plates (that you really don’t love anyway) and keep that one plate to fill up with your desire and passion.

So follow your passion, find your bliss and become great at that blissful thing. That may change for you in life and that is ok, but please don’t fool yourself that following every impulse will lead you to “success.” If your passion changes, let the old one go and take up the new one with the same fire you had previously. If you are having trouble letting the old passion go, that is telling you something. Investigate for yourself why you are needing to change. Doing one thing exceptionally well, will lead you to your purpose and give you true joy. Find it, and do it at all costs.

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