We Did Not Deserve Obama

I did not cry last night when I listened to My President, speak his last address to the nation. I was sad indeed, but I was more angry. I was upset with a country that did everything it could to see him fail, from questioning his citizenship and basic right to the job, to making sure the majority of his initiatives were under funded and plotted against. With every move to fix our infrastructure Obama got pushback. With every move to level the playing field with his My Brothers Keeper initiative, there was an outcry from white nationalists, AKA racists. It is incredible what POTUS was able to accomplish under such incredible tooth and nail obstruction from congress. I was angry because Obama still has hope that this country will get past race and get to being actually “stronger together” as Hillary campaigned. Obama still thinks everyone has the possibility to listen and fight for each other instead of running to tribalism and fighting against each other. To borrow from Rev. Jessie Jackson, I am struggling to “keep hope alive.”

I was angry last night, but today I am sad because of the grace and wisdom, and eloquence he exhibited last night that we will not hear again for four years at minimum. My President who spoke last night, never said “grab her by the pussy.” My President who spoke last night, didn’t have multiple women accuse him of sexual assault. My President who spoke last night, never requested a foreign leader hack his opponents email. That just isn’t how My President rolls.

In hearing that farewell address, I simply was moved beyond tears to a sadness that I had not felt in a while. President Obama is a good man, who wanted us to do great things as a country and we fought him in doing those great things. We will learn that lesson every day the next four years.

We did not deserve President Barack Obama.