It’s a pretty big leap to argue on the back of a few glib tweets that Democrats are now the party…
Todd Moore

I would argue the democratic primary provides a good deal of evidence. While you avoid debating the truths within the knowledge and proven links to the claims within the leaks provided, you hang on to only the accusations the party provides with yet no concrete evidence. Within the leaks there have been journalist who have successfully linked the people involved with the actions of its accusations. The emails them self provide evidence while also paper trails through investigations lead to outcomes and reasoning. As far as the relationship goes, all one has to do is ask a simple question. With the light of the now known truth, why is it the republicans who have maintained an illusion of wanting to bring down the Clinton's, now silent and absent of wanting to proceed to investigate to full scale of rigging a primary election on more than one aspect? Especially! being this investigation by Mueller seems more targeted towards them at the moment. I would argue if they really wanted to throw this investigation off course they could do so by pointing the sniper towards another target. Yet they don’t.

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