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Joe Schmotey

Joe nothing in this world is as simple as it appears. The root causes of terrorism are in part the result of what is advertised by politicians as “good intentions “ i.e. selling the first Gulf War as liberating Kuwait and restoring democracy. Unpack that. Democracy in Kuwait? The media hunkered down in Baghdad reporting on a sporting event. And then years of sanctions on Iraq which effectively turned a second world country into a third world country? Children dying because medical supplies are sanctioned goods? Disenfranchised Sunni tribes who resist, seeing themselves as patriots? Who knew? How about “weapons of mass destruction “? Find any? No? ooops! A fundamentalist gang in Afghanistan sheltering a Saudi fanatic, who were enabled by the CIA in fighting against the Russians? Sounds like a bad spy novel. So we spend trillions, destroy what the Russians and civil war didn’t and wonder why these people might resent the U.S.? Wow! Now U.S. presidents can assassinate alleged enemies at will from a distance. Even U.S. citizens. Drone technology for the betterment of the bottom line. And there is the nub. All of our foreign policy, all of our military interventions are in the end about the bottom line. But hey we never heard that part on the news. And those bad guys? Well they never have to walk in our shoes. Nor do they want to. My apologies if this rant is offensive to the truly indoctrinated but never take anything at face value especially when it comes with advertising.