A Masculinity Camp for Boys That Starts at Age 8
C. Brian Smith

You are mixing up masculinity with cuckoldry. Once you start to talk about wearing dresses and crying you are a fraud. Boys need to be taught the value of their labor and sacrifice vs being slaves for society. Gone are the days of traditionalism and all the protection afforded men in exchange for giving his life for family and society. Today men need to focus on themselves first. Their education, skills, their strength and the ability to restrain from exposing themselves to the risk of a toxic society that has completely gone of the rails and heading for extinction. However these risk present themselves — lower life expectancy, false rape/accusation culture, a legal/incarceration system that will ensure you end up a hardened criminal even if you are innocent, The risk of marriage and relationships that can enslave you or alienate your kids for life, the infinitely higher risk of dying on the job or being homeless with no where to turn for help — Society does not care — it only wants your blood and sweat. They have commanded the resources of the media, film and TV, Academia and entire subject matter with garbage research to prove your worthlessness. Ignore them and focus on yourself FIRST!

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