Why We Should Stop Saying We Are American
KiKi Kareem

I agree with that but there’s also privilege and power with that. I mean that in this country U.S whites tend to succumb emotionally more to African Americans than other “oppressed” groups. If you read uncle toms cabin written by a white woman (Harriet Beecher Stowe; people think she was black; historical amnesia) she applied Christian morals (values) to the black race and considers U.S black people as the redeeming race of the world. Basically national values. I would speak of Walt Whitman as well but I’m busy right now. African Americans are part of the national myth, they are part of the nation which means that higher sensibilities go toward people identified as Africa American than any other group. That’s pretty much how it works. An Africa women was killed not too long ago in some restaurant and no fuss why? Obviously her last name isn’t bland or rice. That’s why in the video she solely and very specifically refers to African Americans. Screw the native Americans who get brutalized as well. Screw those detention centers and the outrageous deportations. “Their not part of the nation anyway”. “They didn’t build this country”. Many African Americans (not all obviously but most) have their own agenda for these same reasons and then talk about coalitions. Their struggles don’t always trickle down as some may think. Y’all’s Black identity is wrapped with the American flag.

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