Los Angeles Just Proposed the Worst Use of License Plate Reader Data in History.
Nick Selby

Why do we even still consider prostitution a crime? Beating on someone to make them go out and earn money for you (pimps) is a crime. Selling a service to someone using your own body/mind (sex, legal/medical advice, etc) should not be a crime.

Consensual crimes (prostitution, taking drugs, gambling, etc) are nonsense. Legislating someone else’s behavior when it does not cause harm to others is idiotic. That license plate readers are being used to intimidate people about this is even more idiotic.

Let’s focus on real crimes where someone hurts someone else (violent crimes and crimes where someone takes someone else’s property illegally or improper/unfair but legal fashion). Of course, most of those crimes are committed by people in power so I guess it’s better to focus on ‘crimes’ where people are generally powerless.

Note: I’m not saying prostitution is victimless as it is currently practiced here in the USA. Prostitutes have no recourse against their pimps or customers since prostitution is illegal — they are desperate victims very often absolutely trapped into it.

I wonder how large our prisons would be, how much we would get in taxes, and how much we would save on policing if illegal drugs were no longer illegal and prostitution was no longer illegal. How much crime is fueled by illegal profits? Most illegal drugs are very cheap to make and distribute. How much theft is driven by the need to score expensive and illegal drugs? I suspect the more organized crime syndicates keep lobbyists handy whenever it looks like some common sense might start being used by our lawmakers. Sadly too many people are making too much money off of the current idiotic legal system on both the legal and illegal sides.

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