How I Learned Front-end

William Iehl
Dec 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Some people have asked me what it would take to get to my level in front end. I am by no mean an expert or even senior. There won’t be any stories here, just a list of the relevant steps it took me to get to the level I am now at in a curriculum fashion. All of these resources happen to be free (except for 2 books if you decide to take the red pill). If you are a complete beginner and you are consistent, count around 6 months part time and 3 month full time to go through all this.

Tools to learn and use along the way

  1. HTML, CSS and JS documentation:
  2. Sass:
  3. BEM:
  4. Github:
  5. Gulp:

Start with HTML and CSS

  1. Learn the basics:
  2. Review it from another source:
  3. Get a deeper understanding:

At this stage what you need is practice. Do a simple website for a friend or charity or make yourself the best portfolio you can. I made this for a friend (just the front end):

Next step is JavaScript

  1. Start with this:
  2. Learn some jQuery:
  3. Review everything and more (skip intermediate and advanced algorithm, skip advanced projects and do half of the intermediate projects):
  4. Better practice:
  5. Take the Red pill:
  6. Go deeper into the rabbit hole:
  7. Almost there:
  8. To recap:
  9. Test yourself:

Practice it

Anything that is relevant practice will do. Build at least two real project before going further (hackathons are the best for that). Here are a few ideas from my curriculum.

  1. Finish the front end track:
  2. 30 days of vanilla JS:
  3. Go to Hackathons every weekends

Learn a framework

  1. Learn React:
  2. And React router:
  3. Read the Quick Start documentation (all of it):
  4. Read create-react-app documentation (as needed):
  5. Build your portfolio (make it the best you can), here is mine:
  6. Read the Advanced guide documentation (all of it):


And that’s it for now. That is where I am at as of December 2017. Hope this is helpful.

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