My Life is Shit. I hate my life.

My life is shit. I hate my life. But, it’s not so bad. I think one day I will be happy like the homeless man making an outdoor large fryer for making bacon egg and cheese sandwiches out of recycled McDonald’s grease metal basket. He plans to make them for $80 and sell them for $150. He plans to put coals into the metal baskets. It seems like a bad idea. I figure no one will buy them because there is probably a better outdoor fryer. But this guy danced one afternoon and met a bunch of young people who video’d him. I don’t think I will be like him when I am older, but I think maybe I will be happy like he was dancing and having a jolly time with the young people.

I say my life is shit because I feel bad and when I think about how I might not feel so bad I think maybe I should have stayed in school, but then I think that I will be happy someday like the man dancing. Because ultimately it was a good choice not to stay in school, but now I just do whatever I will do. It seems there never is another way than to do whatever you will do without doing what others would have you do.