On Money and the Meaning of Life

I’ve heard money isn’t everything but it is everything else. It seems

a person who is very bad at making money would be compelled by

this notion. There is a sort of desperation, as if it is hard to make

money. To boot, I’d say the harder people are up with their money,

the less kind they are. Money is a way of exchanging in a world where

the best things are free. Everyone does what they can or what they

think is possible, for today is here and so are you but tomorrow you

will not be.

I have always thought 90% of what people spend money on is wasted.

This includes schools. A fresh perspective, the chance to dare, modest

living, kindness to others, these cornerstones of a good life are scarce

taught and children spend more time with one another than the teachers.

You must give me this, not everyone who earns is a saint, and so,

what is important in life? I think the most important thing is to use what

you have. All the beautiful things of the world exist unto themselves. If

I were to use what I have my brain to study the series 7, I would be neglecting

my body, and people around me as well. I do then something which is

most using what I have. Of course, what I have includes perspective,

games, a sense of humor. Furthermore, what I have is the ability to consider

my ability to consider my ability to consider etc what I have. If we are all to

die, what is it about life that most deserves exploring? Music for instance, I

feel badly I did not give more notice to the piano player at the restaurant at

which we ate. As well, you said, “Don’t get a degree in some nonsense subject.”

This sounds slick and is a trope, but if 90% of engineers, or people who get

paid well, produce some of that 90% that people spend money on that is wasted

then is it better than selling apples on the street. How much does it earn is

a different question than what is the value of the work. Value in my mind is

closely linked to human dignity, which your friend, I have forgotten

his name, who went on the trip with us, despite his old age failed to give me.

When I said I was living with my parents and that I was 30 years old, he said

to you, “He is living with his parents?” It shows a lack of awareness and appreciation

for the ability of people to hear and to care what is said about them. Foundationally,

it is never a good or polite idea to talk about someone instead of speaking directly

to them. This was done by you three with regard to your boy, very strange. The old

man friend of yours asked you about your boy when your boy was right there and you

answered, if you want a child to be accountable and learn, make them the focal

point, they are the least knowledgable and have the least practice interacting with

people and thinking and therefore if everyone is generous in the group the youngest

or weakest should get the practice. If life is something beyond practice then I am

lost. Life is a game. Life is a jolly romp. Life is a jolly romp because it will all come

to an end and that end could be just a moment from now, you see?

Since perhaps we are of two different minds, and considering we are not that close,

as brothers for example, I don’t feel its appropriate to argue my position to you and if

we were closer I believe I would have given word sooner than this of my position. It

would have been more natural. I appreciate you sharing your life with me and your

counsel as a man. In closing I will say to the three of you, never underestimate your

opponent, it is the sign of turmoil and money is only as good as what it can buy that

I need which sounds a little silly because we are all going to die so we don’t really

need anything, anything we would need is to make the world more amazing without

any guarantee of another moment. Plus, everyone would be a stiff standing

around eating a bunch of crap in their free time.

Isn’t life simple enough? If you have enough money, find a way to pleasantly

spend your time without exhausting your money, no? The real kicker is

healthcare. Without healthcare, money is needed for food and shelter and

those things are relatively inexpensive, $40/day. Healthcare has a long sighted

interest. If the expectation is to have the highest healthcare, billions are needed

to fund research from which you may potentially benefit.