Commercial Roofing

Whenever we think of a building, we start thinking about the exteriors of the property. We think about how it will appear from the outside. We imagine its walls, its design, the private landscape and most importantly its roof. The roof of a property plays a very vital role in its appearance as well as its safety. It not only completes the look of the property but also is very significant from the security point of view of the property. It stops the hot sun rays in summers, cold air and snow in winters and rain water in the fall and spring from coming into the property. It is significant for every property owner to take care of the roofing system of their property, may it be a commercial property or a house.

If you are planning for the construction of a new building or thinking of a commercial roof replacement on an existing building, there are various options available for you. Due to the advanced technologies we have in the present era, scientists have come up with the various roofing options out of which the best one can be chosen. Your selection would depend upon the location, design and look of your building along with the weather of your city.

There are various types of commercial roofs available presently in the market:

Green Roofs: this is the most widely used roofing solution now-a-days. Its usage has seen a great rise in demand over the past few years. These sedum green roofs, are typically flat roofs which are being partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil. This vegetation is planted over waterproofing membrane These roofs reduce the urban heat island effect by soaking up heat and improve their insulation value. They enhance the life of a roof and also reduce the heating or cooling costs of the building.

Photovoltaic Panels: in this roofing solution, the solar heat plates are attached on top of the roofs of the building which not only protects the roofs from the excess hot or cold weather, but also generate solar energy — which ultimately saves our fuel bills.

Thermoplastic Roofing: these roofs are made up of a scientifically designed material which is very flexible and has a high-temperature tolerance. It is very durable and has a life span of almost 20 years.

EPDM Roofing: this is the most commonly used type of roofing solution as it has a very long life and requires very little maintenance as compared to other roofing.

The above commercial roofing system types are definitely very durable and will serve your purpose of having a commercial low maintenance and high durability roof.

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