Preparing For Roof Repair in Chicago

It may seem like an odd phrase to use but one of the things you need to learn is how to prepare for roof repair in Chicago. When you hear of roofing jobs going wrong, or stories about horrific encounters with contractors — much of what happened could be avoided had the homeowner known what they are responsible for before a roof repair Chicago contractor arrives. Not everything about the job is the responsibility of the contractor. Here is a brief overview of what you need to do to prepare for the work on your home.

Start with access — inside and out

While it is true that contractors do have to make their own arrangements for water and facilities for their crew, in this instance the phrase “inside and out” is referring to your property boundaries. You have to provide for access onto the property, and make arrangements for access outside of the property.

The Chicago roof repair company is going to need room to:

  • bring materials
  • stage equipment
  • provide adequate parking for their crews

Depending on where you are in the Chicago area, that may mean making arrangements with the neighbors or local municipal government to allow for parking or to set up parking blocks so the material truck can off load without causing too much of a disruption to the street. One thing you don’t want to do is assume that the contractors and delivery trucks can do things fast enough to not get in the way. Taking the time to make sure there is ample room provided beforehand always insures faster work and delivery times. All it takes is contacting the police and your neighbors to let them know what is going on and get any necessary permits and permissions. This is the one thing you can do that can save you the most trouble.

Planning for the clean-up is a joint effort

The other way in which common roof repair Chicago jobs go wrong is not adequately planning out the cleanup process. What you think is cleaned up, what the contractor thinks is cleaned up and what your neighbors think is cleaned up can all be vastly different things. Depending on the size of your job you may need to have a dumpster brought in. If that is the case the Chicago roof repair company will take care of the arrangements but you have to make sure that the placement of the dumpster isn’t going to bother neighbors.

Working out the details in writing

To make sure that everything goes smoothly on your job you need to work out all the details with your Chicago roof repair contractor before the work begins. This means that you need to outline who is responsible for making sure access permits and permissions are in place, and what steps constitute cleanup. If you want the driveway swept with a magnet you need to specify that. Also, make sure that the responsibility for scheduling the dumpster, if needed, is also agreed upon too.

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